Is the Pressure Getting to Savannah Guthrie?

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Somewhere, Ann Curry might be smiling right about now.

Not only has The Today Show's replacement of this co-anchor with Savannah Guthrie NOT resulted in a ratings spike, but the program lost to rival Good Morning America by over 300,000 total viewers during Guthrie's debut week behind the desk.

Savannah Guthrie on Today

Moreover, according to New York Post sources, Guthrie has developed severe headaches as a result of her promotion.

“She goes to a doctor two days a week for treatment of the migraines, and is required to wear dark glasses when she’s not on set,” said this Page Six insider. “The pressure of taking over after Ann’s execution is taking its toll.”

The journalist is not expected to miss any time as a result of these injuries, and will most definitely be traveling to London with Today for the upcoming Olympics. She remains a trooper, saying the mole.

“You would never been able to know anything was wrong by watching her at work."



Savanna, I suffered for 26 years with migraine headaches only until I stopped taking any and all headache medicine did the headaches go away.


Matt is the one who should have gotten the boot. Guthrie is an attorney, Most attorneys are totally boring to converse with. She is an ok gal, but that legal training and experience makes her a loser, personality wise, on the set.


Other than Matt Lauer, Stephen Burke, Bob Greenblatt, Steve Capus, Jim Bell and NBC's Master, the old Forky-Tail-Devil himself, who else voted in their "Focus Group" deciding to fire the fine Lady Ann Curry?


I still don.t understand why they got rid of Ann Curry. It,s not all about the young viewers. Ann reported the stories with compassion, and a genuine kind heart. She was the real deal. Not everyone wants the chatter boxes, the valley girl goofy giggly format that this show has become.. Get rid of the fluff. Quit ramming stories over and over down our throats. If you ask me Miss prissy Savannah acts so childish during the cooking, sports and animal segments I hate to watch. The show itself needs a new format less Matt if you ask me. He is the number one reason I don't watch anymore. Goofy Al is the # 2 reason. He was Ok until Matt got a hold of him. Wake up NBC you got rid of the wrong person.........


Snoozannah Savannah Guthrie may be going to the doctors for headaches BEFORE the Olympics, but AFTER the Olympics, Snoozannah Guthrie will be seeing the doctors about her baby bump if Pimp Matt Lauer does his usual thing. NBC's Pat Fili-Krushel, get rid of that toxic pair.


NBC has made me a GMAer for good!


After a month, NBC's Bob Greenblatt decides to say how much he feels for Ann Curry but added, "The Today Show will rebound. " This proves all those dudes at NBC are out of touch and don't get it. That immoral Matt Lauer has turned the NBC Peacock into a Rooster or just a Cock looking to add Savannah Guthrie to his henhouse.


It was "Crucial" for NBC to hire "Krushel" in an attempt to put a tourniquet on the bleeding at the Today Show, caused by Capus and Matt! More power to you. Glad they know that the "suits" are not thinking with the head that you're obviously coming from.


NBC News' Ms. Pat Fili-Krushel is the Today Show's Calvary riding in to save the day! Here's what she needs to do first: Lasso that stupid Jim Bell and inappropriate-sounding Steve Capus; put them on the first stage coach headed out of the business of the Studio 1-A Corrale! Then round up Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie and trade those two arrogant, headachey, ratty, oatmealy, grouchy, stiff, back-stabbing bandits for two good guys. FINALLY, the drama can stop and baggage-laden Matt can perhaps his last assignment of covering the Olympics without being tailed by his wife; having to exclude the alleged girlfriend/baby mama Natalie Morales. Then watch the ratings ascend!


Matt and his enormous over-inflated ego would never go do onsite reporting anymore. That's for lesser animals. Honestly I don't know what he did to earn the kind of salary he is making. His latest ego trip was getting rid of Ann and they did it in such a bad way. I think the ratings are taking a dive because of him and what he did and they should stop blaming Savannah. If he had been able to keep it in his pants they would have given it to Natalie Morales.

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