Hillary Clinton Slams Barack Obama in New Mitt Romney Campaign Ad

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Mitt Romney's latest TV ad uses old, unrelated footage of Hillary Clinton - a popular figure from President Obama's own party and cabinet - to drive home his point.

One of the oldest tricks in the book, but effective.

The Romney campaign would say it's not necessarily unrelated, either, as the new ad uses clips of Clinton railing against Obama for lying about her record.

The GOP challenger is accusing him of the same behavior today.

"Shame on you, Barack Obama," Clinton says in footage from the 2008 Democratic primary, recycled in the spot for Romney, who hopes to unseat him in 2012:

The Romney ad uses the Clinton footage to back up a recent Washington Post article about an Obama ad accusing Romney of outsourcing jobs overseas.

Obama's claim about Mitt Romney's record while he was governor of Massachusetts was "misleading, unfair and untrue," according to the commercial.

"But that's Barack Obama," a narrator in the Romney ad declares. "He also attacked Hillary Clinton with vicious lies." Clinton did, at one point, allege this.

"He continues to spend millions of dollars perpetuating falsehoods," Clinton said in early 2008 footage now used to discredit Obama's claims about Romney.

Clinton, now Obama's Secretary of State and the frontrunner for the 2016 Democratic nomination, regardless of what happens this year, had no comment.


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