Gretchen Rossi Rips Vicki Gunvalson For Brooks Ayers Relationship, Cheating on Husband

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On Part 2 of The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion, Gretchen Rossi reportedly accuses Vicki Gunvalson of cheating on her husband with Brooks Ayers.

Vicki's daughter Briana Wolfsmith triggers a vicious war of words between her mom, Gretchen Rossi and Tamra Barney on the combative reunion special.

The fight was triggered when host Andy Cohen asks Briana about Vicki's relationship with now-beau Brooks Ayers before she was separated from husband Don.

Briana did not hold back.

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"I've known that name for years and never liked him," Briana says, as if her feelings toward Brooks weren't clear already. "He's been around for a long time."

Gretchen Rossi, whose blowouts with Vicki are legendary, weighs in, "You were accusing a lot of stuff with me, wow … I just think it's funny you were so accusatory of me."

"I was!" Vicki snaps. "I was doing nothing of the same things!"

"Why would it be weird? My husband was having an affair for 20 years," she says in her own defense. "This is not the forum to be discussing … he's not an angel."

This spills over into the ongoing Tamra Barney-Vicki Gunvalson feud, as Tamra jumps in, offering to disclose a salacious tidbit about Vicki's vacation hijinks.

Vicki then calls Tamra "disgusting," denying her claims she woke up naked with a man in Cabo ... and so on and so forth. Should make for quality television.

Tell us: Whose side are you on in the RHOC feud?


I've never wanted two people to disappear more since Heidi and Spencer. PLEASE make Vicki and Brooks fall off the planet, and soon. Her hypocrisy and neediness make her more unattractive than even her horrible complexion can. And Brooks drips with insincerity and stupidity. Any woman with half a brain would see he is a con man. I did think Vicki was a smart woman at one time but I now believe she is so emotionally needy that she can't see what's right in front of her. Get professional help, not Brooks. And please if you are staying together, move to another country and disappear. You both make me ill.


These shows glamorize women who, with few exceptions, (Heather on both shows, Avita among others)
are insanely vain, horribly self centered, amoral, mean spirited and nasty.
People like Vicki who pretend to be above it all eventually get exposed.
I feel sorry for her children.


i love vicki but she's gotta shut her yap sometimes


I wonder how many men are gonna come out of the woodworks saying they woke up naked w/ her on one of her many insurance trips...haha...kind of like the Tiger Woods effect!!


How would Don be having an affair for 20 yrs when they weren't even married 20 yrs?


I think Tamra said Vicki woke up naked w/ another man in Cabo after Tamra left..the trip they took together last season!

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