Gretchen Rossi Rips Vicki Gunvalson For Brooks Ayers Relationship, Cheating on Husband

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On Part 2 of The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion, Gretchen Rossi reportedly accuses Vicki Gunvalson of cheating on her husband with Brooks Ayers.

Vicki's daughter Briana Wolfsmith triggers a vicious war of words between her mom, Gretchen Rossi and Tamra Barney on the combative reunion special.

The fight was triggered when host Andy Cohen asks Briana about Vicki's relationship with now-beau Brooks Ayers before she was separated from husband Don.

Briana did not hold back.

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"I've known that name for years and never liked him," Briana says, as if her feelings toward Brooks weren't clear already. "He's been around for a long time."

Gretchen Rossi, whose blowouts with Vicki are legendary, weighs in, "You were accusing a lot of stuff with me, wow … I just think it's funny you were so accusatory of me."

"I was!" Vicki snaps. "I was doing nothing of the same things!"

"Why would it be weird? My husband was having an affair for 20 years," she says in her own defense. "This is not the forum to be discussing … he's not an angel."

This spills over into the ongoing Tamra Barney-Vicki Gunvalson feud, as Tamra jumps in, offering to disclose a salacious tidbit about Vicki's vacation hijinks.

Vicki then calls Tamra "disgusting," denying her claims she woke up naked with a man in Cabo ... and so on and so forth. Should make for quality television.

Tell us: Whose side are you on in the RHOC feud?


Ann I watch the orange Housewives it used to be fun, but Vicky is getting on my nerves, she did a terrible thing to Don
he did not deserve to be treated that way,what ever he did it was not as spiteful as you.
I think that you are jealous of a lot of the other wives Jenna was a good friend to you but you dont deserve her,you are just an horrible person
I hope that Don now has someone who apprciates him.You go on about your Carrera in Insurance how can you have a passion for insurance,
there is somethig wrong with you.I also hope that Don gets his share of your money he deserves every penny....


Vicki, please marry Brooks as soon as you can. Dont listen to anyone else but whats in your head. Please let me win the pool that I have invested in and make the marriage short and violent. Remember, a fool and her money are soon parted


I feel sorry for Vicki. The woman wants a man so badly that she will take anything. Let's hope she wakes up and gets rid of the loser called Brooks. If she marries him without a prenuptial agreement, by California law he will get half of everything she has. Since he does not have a job and is driving Vicki's car, how can he be paying child support for those four children (he said two were by an ex-wife and two were by a girlfriend; I wonder why the other wife did not have any children). That means Vicki is supporting him, and he may end up really taking her for a ride. Do any of you Vicki fans know a nice working man you can introduce to Vicki? Please help her.


Brooks is such a loser Vikki, you used to be a smart woman, what happened, make yourself happy, spend some time with you and love will find you, lose the loser.


I forgot to mention. That screaming you do is ridiculous. You sound and look like someone who lost
their mind. It is so annoying. T. may have a mouth that could be washed out, but at least she shoots from the hip. You sit on those cameo's innocent looking, and bash someone. The way you screamed at Tamara at H. house, it looked like you were having a breakdown. Also, how dare you take time at H. party to grab the mic. and spiel your nonsense. This was her night - NOT YOURS. You have no social
skills or class. Get lost. I hope they drop you. In my eyes you were never as asset to the show.


That explains Vicky going out of town so much to see Brooks. Have you noticed how that has tapered off since her and Don split. Vicky you are something else, you are so judgemental yet it seems you were doing alot of the same things. Listen to your daughter, she has your best interest at heart. How can you just disregard her. If you don't do the right thing now Breann may never forgive you.


"What a tangled web we weave..." Truer words were never said regarding Vicki and her Tank Filler. If Donn cheated, 1) who could blame him since Victory was a no-show most of their marriage? (she was always at work), 2) why did she stage that cheesy remarriage on the beach in Turks and Caicos? 3) why would that make it okay for her to cheat? Two wrongs don't make a right! See - I can be recite quotes of the day just like her walking fortune cookie/fortune hunter loser boyfriend who is f-u-g-l-y.


I don't blame Vicki for being mad....she is so ugly.


Vicki listen to your daughter. She wants whats best for you.


So WhAt WhO cArEs

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