Gladys Knight on Paris Jackson: Respect Your Elders!

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Music legend Gladys Knight appeared on The Talk yesterday and it didn't take long for the conversation to turn to the Jackson family and its ongoing drama.

Knight especially focused on the recent Paris Jackson versus Janet Jackson feud, with allegedly led to police being called to the scene and included the 14-year old cursing off her aunt.

"Paris is 14? How old is Janet? Who's the one to try to direct the other one here?" the singer asked, adding: "If [Paris] called me that, she would have no teeth ... That's how we were brought up. You respect your elders."

Watch the clip below and react: Do you agree with Knight?

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I don't why everyone is attacking a 14 year old child and yes she is a child when all they had to do was sit down and tell Katherine needs her rest and not to disturb her.And TJ would been more than gald to babysit them until Katerina returns simple as that. It's time for the Jackson to stop acting their shoe sizes and for once act like adults .the Jackson's always open up their personal matters to the public its something Michael done ,and the rest still do it they need to stop this handle their family matters out of the headlines.


She is saying she should show respect and then says she would knock her teeth out? Disgusting and totally counterproductive. Respect is something you earn. Just because you're older, does not mean you're worthy of it. I despise people from Knight's school of thought.


No, I will not get real! Yes, those kids are MJ children by love and care. Of course I am a big fan of MJ himself. But, I can not stand a hard headed child that who dosn't like to listen to grown ups when their are trying to tell them something.Yes, nobody really know's what went down at the Jackson's home. But some of you need to go read Paris and Prince Micheal twitter page, so you can see how disobedient that these kids are. Yes, I am very sorry that these kids have lost a father but, it seem to me that they are little bit brain wash and I'm not saying that MJ did it. For some reason, Paris feels that she is a queen instead of knowing that she is only a teenager. It looks like, nobody can't tell Paris nothing. Im sure that Paris is so hurt because of her father death. But she still need to stay in a child place!


People please, it's 2012 is complaction really an issue... i don't care what went down and nobody really knows what was said, it's all gossip... but Neci get real, saying Paris should go live with her mother and father is just disrepectful.
The child lost her father, how about having some respect for the dead.


Some of you all must be kids! Look little children and maybe grown ups, what Paris did was wrong and out of disrespect to her aunt Janet. I have seen the video and no, I didn't see Ms Janet say anything about Paris being a spoiled little bitch. Now in the video, what I have seen was Paris being disobedient to one of her family member. I can see Janet asking Paris to give her the damn phone, because miss no it all was on twitter tweeting out her adopted family business. I will agree with some of you all comments on letting miss disrespectful girl go live with her real mother and father, with no damn money. And let Paris see how it would feel to not be disobedient against her family that really show her love. Everybody is so quick to jump on bad in pants side. Paris tweet, everybody said that I have change. Yes, Paris you really did! People please stop make up excuses for this little girl.


Respect is something thats earned.. You can't call a 14year old.. Spoiled bitch and still demand respect at the same time!?


I guess Gladys had an easy childhood. She should mind her own business. Paris and her siblings have led lives completely out of the norm. Her aunt is no role model. Paris has a voice. Let her use it.


Gladys needs to mind her own business. Paris is a teenager and maybe Paris does need to learn how to respect her elders. Unfortunately, she's not going to learn it by watching the most prominent and influential people in her life. The elder Jacksons seems to have little respect for their own elders including their mother.


Shut up Gladys!!!! The last thing a Jackson needs is a beating! Look what beatings did to the rest? To Michael? What a stupid remark from an old hack.


Hold the hell up! Paris was very wrong to be disrespectful to her aunt. I don't give a good got damn, if Janet called Paris spoiled. Maybe it was said out of anger, just because of Paris didn't listen to her aunt. You all know damn we'll that these kids now and days don't like to listen. If I was Janet, I would have nock all of Paris teeth out of her freaking damn mouth. This little ass girl is on twitter, tweeting out her family business and shit. Somebody do need to nip that in a bud, asap quick. Paris, is doing too damn much! How dare alot of you all comment that Janet need mind her own damn business, what! This woman is trying to help her crazy ass family, but noooo! You have a little girl name Paris, that think she know it all. And how could anybody say that Janet just want them kids money. Whatever, Janet have her own damn money. Trust me, I was on twitter when grown ass Paris, was putting out the family business.