Gladys Knight on Paris Jackson: Respect Your Elders!

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Music legend Gladys Knight appeared on The Talk yesterday and it didn't take long for the conversation to turn to the Jackson family and its ongoing drama.

Knight especially focused on the recent Paris Jackson versus Janet Jackson feud, with allegedly led to police being called to the scene and included the 14-year old cursing off her aunt.

"Paris is 14? How old is Janet? Who's the one to try to direct the other one here?" the singer asked, adding: "If [Paris] called me that, she would have no teeth ... That's how we were brought up. You respect your elders."

Watch the clip below and react: Do you agree with Knight?

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i luv parisss 4 ever


well i luv paris and janet it hard 2 C them like this
i agree that she should recpect her elders buttt she was doing the right thing and plus i am 14 my self & i dont recpect the one who dont care i <3 paris 4 ever

Avatar has a lot to say , but first we need to know what happen. To Mrs. Jackson and right now it doen,s look good for her children ,they drain MJ dry when he was alive.. and now they are looking for a new source....If he wanted them to have he would have done so but he didn,t so they need to leave it alone. And if Janet said what they said she did'....then Paris did right thing... instead of them worrying about the executives and what they are doing the executives should be checking on them to see where the money is going
hat receive each month because Mrs Jackson and thoses kids are not /spending it all..... and in the mean time janet' rebbie,jermain and randy need to go straight to hell' amd anybody eles should go. With them,,,, everyone if anything should thank Paris, for letting the public that she was missing and there was no typ e of communication between them.


She has no respect!! MJ's daughter is very rebelious! If she ONLY listnd 2 her aunt none of this would'v hppnd.


Paris Jackson has every right to say how she feels. Where were you Janet Jackson as an Aunt that has no kids of your own, you were left out of the will so therefore you didn't want to take the role to help your mother. Get a life Gladys Knight!! Take your own teeth out.
Paris Jackson always remember what MJ taught you about his family.
You know best, go with your gut feelings....


I believe that we are not listening to the message that Gladys Knight was sending. No one wants to hear a child to be subjected to predators of the Internet. She was commenting on how Janet was protecting Parisband how a child was rebelling from reprimand. I agree Gladys was stating she would not except that behavior from a child, not truly "knocking her teeth out". The Jackson's are definitely under a microscope and the bottom line is the children need to be protected, by any means necessary.


Paris Jackson deserves an A plus for looking out for her grandmother. Keep up the good work.


It's funny when people fail to understand expression and react with such judgment. Gladys would never "knock someone's teeth out." She's speaking in colloquialism.


indoctrinating young people to 'respect their elders' purely on the basis of opposes to whether they are respectWORTHY is the kind of ignorance that pedophiles...or monsters like joe jackson...or adults making a money-grab rely on. Star and Gladys didnt grow up as heirs to a fortune surrounded by predatory,dysfuntional adults. Their idea of parenting shines a light on the need for enlightenment in some segments of the black community


Obama 2012!