George Zimmerman on Trayvon Martin Shooting: Part of "God's Plan"

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George Zimmerman appeared on Fox News with Sean Hannity last night and issued an apology to the parents of Trayvon Martin.

But the murder suspect also told his interviewer that he doesn't have any regrets over the February incident, saying he wouldn't change much at all regarding his actions on that fateful day - not leaving his car, not owning a gun - and that the shooting of Martin was "all God's plan."

As you can imagine, such a description has riled up Martin's family.

"We must worship a different God," Trayvon's mother, Tracy, told CBS News. "There is no way that my God would have wanted George Zimmerman to kill my teenage son."

Zimmerman will soon go on trial for second degree murder and faces life in prison.

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No god's plan for zimmerman the wanna be cop,was to stop following him like the 911 operator said. Someone shut his lying pity party up. Geesh enough is enough!! He really seems like he all he wants is attention.


Maybe - and I'm serious - GZ has a mental illness b/c I can't think of another reason why he'd say it was 'God's plan.' I agree @chely - amazing his lawyers let him do the interview. A big oops! If he doesn't have a mental illness then he should go bye-bye for a loooong time. If he does, well, that just makes the story that much more sad.


Didnt Hitler say the same thing about Jews? That it was Gods will that they be slaughtered?


this is all so crazy. I've never seen such a crazy situation. :)


Zimmerman and god sound like a couple of real pricks...


Brenda the film that comes to mind for me is The Man with Two Brains (yes, I am that old). In it, Steve Martin begs for a sign from the ghost of his dead wife if she has any objection to his new bride. The house shakes and spins and the paintings fall and the ghost of his wife screams out from beyond the grave, "NOOOOOOOoooooooo!!!!" Once the house stops shaking and the papers and curtains settle and Steve can catch his breath, he says, "Just give me a sign. Any sign at all." :-)


I don't know what kind of sign he was expecting, the second coming of Jesus? How much clearer can God tell you not to do something than through a 911 responder who tells you repeatedly not do something? It reminds me of the film Bruce Almighty. Where Jim Carreys character is begging God for a sign but ignores every single obvious sign thrown at him.


Oh so GOD made him do it! Southerners are just so unbearably stupid!! Lock him up until his brain starts to function. Maybe there he can also learn not to randomly shoot at kids.


I'm surprised his lawyer let him do this interview.