George Zimmerman Accused of Sexual Molestation by Family Friend

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George Zimmerman has been accused of a new heinous crime.

In just-released audio tapes related to the Trayvon Martin shooting, a family friend - who simply goes by the moniker "Witness9" - tells authorities that Zimmerman sexually molested her many times between the ages of 6 and 16.

"He would reach under the blankets and try to do things," the woman says, adding that the incidents mostly took place at Zimmerman's parents' house. "I would try to push him off, but he was bigger, stronger and older."

George in Court

The unidentified female was contacted by prosecutors about a month after the Martin shooting, with these tapes recorded on March 20. She told investigators she finally came forward with the allegations because it marked the first time in her life she was "not afraid" of Zimmerman.

The woman said she has no knowledge of the shooting in question, but verified that Zimmerman made disparaging remarks about African-Americans when the two were young.

Zimmerman was eight years old and the woman six when the alleged molestations began. She added that she was not his only victim.

"He was very charming and personable with everybody in the family. But he was different behind closed doors with me... He was very intimidating."

The final incident took place when the woman was 16, she said, explaining that Zimmerman massaged her neck and kissed her until she ran out of the room. He was supposedly confronted about the actions by the woman and her parents in 2005, quickly apologized and walked away.

Zimmerman remains in jail at the moment as a judge decides whether to reinstate his bail.

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The below comment under my username was not written by me--it's a counterfeit troll statement. There's something so attractive to these little creatures about stealing usernames. Nothing new unfortunately.


Chely you are correct. I should limit my comments about poltical issues, but I can't help myself. It is a bitter "WAR" that wages within me that endears me to Matt. He shares my strife against the mindless ignorant Obama supporters who haven't worked a day in their life.


@ Matt lips :)


To late-I already have. plastic butter knife and jar of orange marmalade over the flawless canvass.


Who did I tell what to do? I didn't tell anyone to do anything person who wrote @chely maybe you should learn to read before u post things trying to sound like a smartass.


Grace that is a assumption and a huge one at that. I know ppl who like Obama but not obamacare and I like Obama but I'm not ready to put Zimmerman's head on a stake. So ur wrong u shouldn't go through life basing things on assumptions and yes when everything can be turned into a political debate there is bitterness lurking.


@chely- all things are connected. people who hate bush love obama,people who love Obama hate zimmerman,people who hate zimmerman love obamacare , bitter, I don't think she is, maybe she sees things as reality.


Hate auto correct... it was suppose to say I think the state of FL charged too big. They should never have went for murder two


Its funny because everyone is screaming the race card on both sides but from these comments u can tell this is how most have reached a conclusion. Just own it ppl. As far as the case I this charged too big. They have a lot to prove with the charge they want. But if its one thing I learned from the Casey trial it's public opinion means shit when u have real jurors who go by the law. Hope FL is ready to prove why they are charging. And why the hell does bush and Obama have to do with this? Eyes u are getting bitter every single thing doesn't have to turn into a political debate.


@Eyes--as far as Zimmerman goes. We all know the system as always will decide his fate. The racism cries from blacks are old hat. If one things for certain it's that the black community has lots of hate towards whites. The Zimmerman aftermath has shown this once again. Of course this is life in the white world. Out of Wedlock births are over 70% in that Black ethnic group. Hopefully they can come together and take responsibility for their kids. Black Mothers are playing both roles. Until this ratio changes, crime in America will be horrendous.

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