Gangster Squad Trailer: Pulled from Theaters in Face of Dark Knight Rises Massacre

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In the wake of today's horrific Dark Knight Rises shooting in Colorado, Warner Bros. has chosen to pull the trailer for another movie out of theaters.

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    Kids become adults. Adults make choices. James Holmes parents had no control over him. My twin sister and I are nothing alike.


    Just saw the Dark Knight Rises in San Francisco - disconcerting to see this trailer to say the least. I wish it had been pulled.


    I saw the midnight showing of, "Dark Knight Rises", in Tampa, FL & they did indeed show the preview for this movie.


    I feel the true reason they decided to pull the ad was just out of respect for the families and friends of those injured or killed because of the incident. They wanted to avoid making the impression that they took the matter lightly, or that they didn't respect the innocent people involved. Not pulling the ad would be quite inconsiderate and the theatres/Warner Brothers would probably face considerable backlash for airing a fictional 'massacre'/gangster movie in light of the actual massacre.

    Is it really so bad to lay off showing trailers movies where characters shoot innocent people RIGHT AFTER this Joker-esque character shot innocent people? I think it's just about having some respect. Like you said, the ad was available for a long time beforehand. People aren't missing out on anything by not seeing it now.


    I don't really think either of the options given in the poll were the reasons Warner Brothers pulled the trailer. It wasn't that they were worried an attacker would strike again upon seeing the ads, so it's not really "better safe than sorry" so as not to endanger more movie-goers. And it wasn't that they were trying to control the shooter's actions or trying to 'erase' what had happened. I feel the trailer itself is completely unrelated to the shooting and if no shooting had occurred, the ad clearly would never have been pulled; most people would not consider the ad twice if they saw it in theatres if nothing had happened. That's obvious.


    Are you saying the trailer was removed before the shooting???

    Your quote:

    The preview for Gangster Squad, which has been online since May and is posted below, was NOT played PRIOR to this morning's Batman feature and has NOT been attached to most of The Dark Knight Rises screenings around the country.

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