Fred Willard to Avoid Prosecution, Get Off in Adult Movie Theater Case

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Fred Willard is expected to get off easy in his lewd conduct case. Okay, wrong choice of words.

The veteran actor, who was arrested this week for an incident inside a Hollywood theater that allegedly involved his pants being down, can avoid prosecution if he signs up for a $380 "pre-filing diversion class," The Los Angeles Times reports. This is a program that teaches one about responsibility and decision-making.

Fred Willard Picture

Willard has referred to the arrest as a "a big misunderstanding" and he's already been fired from his job at PBS.

But at least it looks like the funny man won't get into any real trouble with the law and at least he has the support of his friends. Tweeted Albert Brooks a couple days ago:

"I love Fred Willard. He's a great guy. For his birthday I'm getting him a den and a computer."


Dear Sanyop, Fred Willard does all of those things. Who cares if he wants to go in a porn theater? How does it effect your life? This whole thing is stupid. There is not a person in LA that doesn't know what the theater is. The LAPD suck. If you want to arrest people for being in the theater with their pants down, CLOSE IT. Otherwise, LEAVE THEM THE HELL ALONE!


People started calling the cops when they saw his willard.


This world is really a sad place. Here's a guy who is so lucky to have an easy career, well loved, etc. And what is he doing with his time? Visiting and helping his grandchildren? Tending to a garden? Donating his time to charity? Engaging in a favorite hobby? No, apparently he is in a movie theater with his pants down and we can only imagine the reason. Disgusting. If he wanted to enjoy some sexual time, wouldn't the privacy of his own home and the internet be enough? Ugggggg...


His genitals were exposed. What they forgot to tell was that he was probably taking a piss.
Good job LA police. Keep up the great work.


jack who???