Fred Willard to Avoid Prosecution, Get Off in Adult Movie Theater Case

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Fred Willard is expected to get off easy in his lewd conduct case. Okay, wrong choice of words.

The veteran actor, who was arrested this week for an incident inside a Hollywood theater that allegedly involved his pants being down, can avoid prosecution if he signs up for a $380 "pre-filing diversion class," The Los Angeles Times reports. This is a program that teaches one about responsibility and decision-making.

Fred Willard Picture

Willard has referred to the arrest as a "a big misunderstanding" and he's already been fired from his job at PBS.

But at least it looks like the funny man won't get into any real trouble with the law and at least he has the support of his friends. Tweeted Albert Brooks a couple days ago:

"I love Fred Willard. He's a great guy. For his birthday I'm getting him a den and a computer."

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Freaky-deaky old bugger!


Fred Willard has long been associated with the DreamWorks and the Walt Disney Company. His support systems in the industry are adequate and very robust. His bread is well buttered. I fail to see the political agenda?


THG needs to change names The Political Agenda.


@ Travis Daily.
President Obama is a good man, and I have a lot of respect for him. However, he is mixing with the wrong people, they will be his downfall. Wake up and smell the coffee.


@Chaim paddaman if you hate PRESIDENT OBAMA so much why do people like you mention him every chance you get. What have you done for this country. Anyone can read an article and point a finger idiot.


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The arresting law enforcement officer's formal written statement of the incident and Willard's mastrubation attempt reads as follows: " Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman,before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into thin air. Sadly, the outcome did not have the desired effect that he had hoped for. The poor old bugger had no clue whether he was coming or going. It was the ultimate tear jerker. Bizarre sexual orientation disturbances such as paraphilia,necrophelia,pedophilia are common in the hollywood celebrity culture. Hoping to see Fred Willard and his former Roseanne co star "Big Bang Theory's" Johnny Galechi at the next Obama fundraising dinner.


6eeeeez either leave the old dude alone or someone teach him how to use a computer pbs needs to stop with the moral crap he didn't choke anyone for christsake ;)


Don't judge. He just wanted to hang out with his wang out.


@sanyho or whomever you are..why so judgemental? I don't care for WHAT he did & IF HE DID IT..You sound like an idiot who needs to be re-trained with a courtesy & social graces class..Do you suffer a lot of nosebleeds up there on your fucking high horse!! Get over yourself!