Frank Ocean Album Won't Be Sold at Target; Retailer Denies Discrimination is Motive

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Frank Ocean's album Channel Orange will not be sold at Target stores, but the retailer says it's not because of his recent announcement that he is bisexual.

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    If your going to talk news then actually pick something that is new! Even OBAMAS people say there is no felony and nothing criminal. Jamal- your president is just like your people- Blame anything you can! Obama has lied for Decades! About everything- he wants to be a story teller- huh?


    Inside Edition reported; Romney may have committed a felony by submitting false forms with his time at Bain Capital, huh?


    Target anti-gay? No way! They sent out ads for father's day with two gay men and their children on the front page.


    Wait until Romney martial affair goes mainstream media? We seen what it did to the black republican-pizza ceo-!!


    Obama's camp is having fundraisers in Sweden and France as well. Think there should be a law against foreign money being accepted into our Presidential campaign system.


    Nothing surprises me with the 'Bama Man anymore! GE made $116 Billion in profits last year. Not a dime of taxes paid to the Govt. But Obama tells us everyone must pay their fare share. Yeah. Right. He's got no real argument with the whole Bain Capital thing..but oh will he and Axelrod try!!!! Do I smell "desperation" in the air????


    @Eyes- Obama having fundraisers in China! Yep! And the deficit is going up. Obama has given GE lots of cash and half of GE workers are overseas. GE pays no taxes in America. Yet he talks about Bain outsourcing? More people on Government assistance than ever and less people paying taxes than ever before. I'm guessing Obama will sit on his heels and let Isreal do the brunt with Iran. Hilliary looks like she wants to apologize to Isreal today. Im thinking Obama will sing another song this weekend. He's overdue? What a joke!


    @67 Shades: Yeah. Whatever. What other "tales" can you offer to entertain us with? Anything that begins..."Once upon a time--" will do.


    @67 Shades: I don't believe it! You mean to tell me that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is now hiring TROLLS?!? No! Let me guess it's part of Obama's stimulus package. Getting trolls out from under the bridge and into the work force. Hmmmmm...I suppose we taxpayers should be grateful. Means less of our tax money will have to go to unemployment insurance and food stamps. Ummmmmm...okay...guess it's alright.


    YES backtraced my IP address. I do indeed work for the FBI. Had them leave me with basic protection, also sorry to anyone who got wormed. So you know exactly where I work.

    So why am I here? Username Reed got 10 complaints. Minor, but I had to do in case Skype was involved. You have to log a certain number of hours per complaint. Well obviously death threats to civilians is a lower priority than Zimmerman death threats. The media is clueless to how many threats he receives.
    I have to say this has been a unique situation. Never done an unmonitored gossip site. There are 3 of us with a script. It went out the window and that is why things went the way they went. I'm done and all claims are unfounded.

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