Fifty Shades of Grey: The Musical!

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Fifty Shades of Grey was spawned by Edward-Bella Twilight fan fiction, so it's little surprise that the EL James novel has spawned ... a viral online musical!

Okay, this still comes out of nowhere.

The parody below is an amalgam of 50 Shades reactions: a housewife who adores the S&M "mommy porn" series, a feminist who hates it, a the guy who hates it ... or the fact that he really loves it deep down. He seems a little conflicted.

It's pretty spot-on ... except that no one would ever call it "well-written":

The upcoming film adaptation of the book, which has inspired an online fantasy casting game of sorts, will most certainly not be of the musical variety.

Some stars, such as TVD's Ian Somerhalder, have even expressed interest in the films themselves. Who can you see as the two leads? Vote below!

Who should play Christian?

Who should play Ana?


what`s with akexander skarsgard? I think he should play christian grey.


Chrisitan Grey should be played by Jessie Pavelka.. hands down. He is PERFECT. As for Anastasia Steele there needs to be open auditions! It'd be a dream come true for me to play her! Everyone I know who has read the book tells me i'm who they envision as her. Only difference is that i'm not extremely pale but i mean that can be arranged! I have the look/personality/experience to be her. It'd be awesome to have a fresh new face hitting the big screen, it'd cast an air of mystery almost!!