50 Shades of Grey Movie: Will it Suck? Or Totally Not?

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The upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey film is getting all sorts of hype ... which it can't possibly live up to. Could this movie possibly be any good at all?

Given the popularity of EL James' novels, there's no reason why a 50 Shades film couldn't win over general audiences and make money ... in theory.

The only problem with a Fifty Shades of Grey movie is ... the Fifty Shades of Grey book. What has made it so successful simply may not translate.

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"The only way to make it into a crowd-pleasing film is to pretty much tear everything out of the book," says author/screenwriter Christopher Farnsworth.

"Those movies don't historically make a lot of money. Studios don't want to make R-rated films. They want more PG films that a lot of people can see."

Many believe Fifty Shades would be better suited to an HBO show, which, regardless of who plays Christian and Ana, could drag out its racy content for years.

Of course, if the budget for this film is small enough, and the buzz strong enough, an R rating doesn't have to stand in the way of a long-term profit.

Especially if the flick sticks with the book's main thematic elements, which, when you strip away all the sex, is basically glorified Twilight fan fiction.

"It's the classic big love story ... the powerful man who plucks out a seemingly ordinary woman, and makes her feel special," romance author Beatriz Williams says.

"That's emotional crack for women. We're hardwired to love this stuff."

Indeed ... but will you pay to see the 50 Shades movie? Vote!


I love the books but to make it into a movie? Too much overt sex to show on the silver screen. I don't believe that a movie can live up to the book


Beka..... i couldnt agree with you more!!...I have said him since I started reading the book.....he just has a look,and can be serious but sexy and can really see him being domineering, but I think he will need to remove his two moles.....they are totally not Christian. Also i read Alexis Bleidel for Ana I think she could pull it off since she was so pure on gilmore girls


i think anne hathaway would be the perfect candidate for ana and sienna miller to play kate. And joseph gorgon-levitt to play jose rodrigez. Last but not least for Mr Grey i would suggest someone that we dont see alot of on the big screen, that way we can keep him mysterious!


IAN SOMERHALDER as Christian, hands down!!! No other male actor has those captivating, make-your-heart stop eyes!!!!


For Christian either Colin Egglesfield or Ian Somerhalter. For Elena I would cast either Kim Cattrall or Michelle Pfeiffer. I can't come to terms for Ana but many that are mentioned are too well known, or are too specific in role types such as Kate Beckinsale. I wouldn't discount for age but rather that look of innocence. As for Matt Bomer, if he wouldn't have made his grand announcement as to batting for the other team he might have been a great choice but seriously I couldn't see him as Christian Grey knowing that he isn't interested in women at all !!! Acting or not


I think Gabriel Macht would be PERFECT for Christian!! He pulls off the playful yet serious characteristics amazingly!!


Bradley Cooper for Christian Grey!!!!!!!!! PLEASEEE


Hayden Christiansen for Christian, he's perfect!!!!


Sharon Stone for Mrs. Robinson, absolutely!!!!!


COLIN EGGLESFIELD FOR CHRISTIAN. I TOTALLY AGREE. as for those who actually think kristen stewart would be good for Ana..... ew. We need a good actress.