50 Shades of Grey Movie: Will it Suck? Or Totally Not?

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The upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey film is getting all sorts of hype ... which it can't possibly live up to. Could this movie possibly be any good at all?

Given the popularity of EL James' novels, there's no reason why a 50 Shades film couldn't win over general audiences and make money ... in theory.

The only problem with a Fifty Shades of Grey movie is ... the Fifty Shades of Grey book. What has made it so successful simply may not translate.

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"The only way to make it into a crowd-pleasing film is to pretty much tear everything out of the book," says author/screenwriter Christopher Farnsworth.

"Those movies don't historically make a lot of money. Studios don't want to make R-rated films. They want more PG films that a lot of people can see."

Many believe Fifty Shades would be better suited to an HBO show, which, regardless of who plays Christian and Ana, could drag out its racy content for years.

Of course, if the budget for this film is small enough, and the buzz strong enough, an R rating doesn't have to stand in the way of a long-term profit.

Especially if the flick sticks with the book's main thematic elements, which, when you strip away all the sex, is basically glorified Twilight fan fiction.

"It's the classic big love story ... the powerful man who plucks out a seemingly ordinary woman, and makes her feel special," romance author Beatriz Williams says.

"That's emotional crack for women. We're hardwired to love this stuff."

Indeed ... but will you pay to see the 50 Shades movie? Vote!


I would live to see it as a movie or an HBO special! I think Zac Efron or Channing Tatum would be AMAZING as Christian Grey! They are so hot and have done GREAT movies! Not sure about Ana a few come to mind,... I hope they can pull off staying true to the book otherwise there is not point its a great love story but the real story is in the details and how they come to REALLY fall in love and all of Christians little "quirks"? is what makes it so inthrawling! Hope they get it right!


Wentworth Miller (with hair), Kellan Lutz (didnt think he had it in him as an actor, til i saw "Arena", amazing!), POSSIBLY Chris Hemsworth or Chris Pine - any of these lads would be GREAT for Christian. NO to Ryan Gosling - simply not good looking enough. Ana would be great as Maggie Grace or Olivia Wilde (they have to make sure they make her look innocent & not too sexy, to start off with anyways)


I would love to see this made into a movie. I would defiantly be seeing it. I think Ian Somerhalder would make a fantastic Christian Grey. He has the body the eyes and the glare. As for Ana and the rest of the cast I haven't really thought too much about it. However Cameron Diaz I think would make a great Mrs. Robinson.


Hayden Christensen
Henry Cavill or even Wentworth Miller they all are very attractive and also they could pull off the age thing when it comes to Christian
As far as Ana... Not sure!


James Scott (EJ days of our lives), as Christian Grey!!!!!


Madonna as Mrs. Robinson. I think it should be a series on HBO also. Reminds me of nip/tuck but much hotter.


Whoever they cast as Christian Grey, OMG! he has got to have the whole package. And I mean : body, eyes, that intent glare that he does in the book.I picture him as tall and very alluring. Need i say more...WOW!!


I thought the trilogy was great. I could not put the books down! And not because of the whole sex thing but because it's actually a great love story. As for the movie, I would definitely see it, but also think it should be rated R. Emma Stone would make an excellent Ana Steele in my opinion and I always pictured Will Kemp as Christian, but the more I think about it, Ryan Goselling has that badass attitude that Christian has, and I think hed be pretty hot ;)


Wentworth Miller as Christian Grey would be hot. He's young, sharp, and obviously can deliver the cryptic, well-bred, intelligent type when acting. Anyone that watches the first episode of Prison Break can attest to that. Oh and let's not forget the bad boy side...mmmm. Me likey. I've noticed people picking out hot guys for this potential role, but don't forget AGE here. Christian Grey is younger than some of the suggested males listed. Sure Christian Bale is good looking and obviously could pull out the dark side but he's way too old for this ladies. Anastasia is young too. It will look way too weird for a young innocent girl (especially for what this script will entail)to be paired with someone way too old for her.


I dont care if IT gets an 'NC17 rating just make the movie soon I would see it -many times. For me Alexis Bedel trasmits a lot more inocence than yunger actrecess and I dont care If Matt Bomer is gay I could totally se him as Christian, but in the books he is blondish. Sharon Stone could be inspired as Elena. We are still missing Taylor he appears in almost everybody sceen