50 Shades of Grey Movie: Will it Suck? Or Totally Not?

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The upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey film is getting all sorts of hype ... which it can't possibly live up to. Could this movie possibly be any good at all?

Given the popularity of EL James' novels, there's no reason why a 50 Shades film couldn't win over general audiences and make money ... in theory.

The only problem with a Fifty Shades of Grey movie is ... the Fifty Shades of Grey book. What has made it so successful simply may not translate.

Fifty Shades of Grey Quote

"The only way to make it into a crowd-pleasing film is to pretty much tear everything out of the book," says author/screenwriter Christopher Farnsworth.

"Those movies don't historically make a lot of money. Studios don't want to make R-rated films. They want more PG films that a lot of people can see."

Many believe Fifty Shades would be better suited to an HBO show, which, regardless of who plays Christian and Ana, could drag out its racy content for years.

Of course, if the budget for this film is small enough, and the buzz strong enough, an R rating doesn't have to stand in the way of a long-term profit.

Especially if the flick sticks with the book's main thematic elements, which, when you strip away all the sex, is basically glorified Twilight fan fiction.

"It's the classic big love story ... the powerful man who plucks out a seemingly ordinary woman, and makes her feel special," romance author Beatriz Williams says.

"That's emotional crack for women. We're hardwired to love this stuff."

Indeed ... but will you pay to see the 50 Shades movie? Vote!


definately matt bomer as christian and alexis bledel as ana.


Ian somerhalder and Lucy hale would be perfect for the part of Christian Grey and Ana. I would go and see it 100% in the cinema if they were castes for the part. Ian would be perfect. He fits it completely. He is gorgeous, sexy and would make a great Christian.


Casper Van Dien would be the perfect Christian Grey. He is a stuuning looking man. A pretty unknown actress should be cast as Anastasia. Matt Bomer whilst hot would not suit the part as well as Van Dien. Google Casper and see what you think!!!


Im so surprised that no one has said anything about Matt Bomer. He has the grey eyes, the hot body, even the hair! His personality is awesome too. He would make the BEST Christian grey... Yum he's so hot. If u don't know who I'm talking about then look him up on google images!


I assume it would take quite some time to find a perfect Anastasia Steele among all these celebrities.But why not keep the story going, and find a girl who no one knows of and which is NOT a celebrity. Pick an ordinary girl and maybe an amazingly wealthy celebrity to play My Grey? I think that would keep the story line.Maybe scrap some of the S*X bits out, as in the book it was a little bit too repetitive. I do wish that there were more books :( i want to read more of Ana And Christian :D


I think Anna Kendrick would make the perfect Ana. And I would love see Channing Tatum as Christian.


James Scott (EJ from days of our lives) would make the PERFECT Christian Grey!!!!


I think Rick Malambri from Step Up 3D would fit the role.
He's 6'2" and just 29.


Just finished the trilogy! It was AmaZinggg! I think Paul Walker would be a fine Mr. Grey and Alexis Bledel would be a sexy sweet Ana!! Can't wait for the movie! Hope it's a great hit!


Matt Bomer = Christian Grey, PERFECT looks to match book description
Anastasia Steele = need a new face actor?
Mrs Robinson = Noami Watt, beautiful and perfect age
Leila = Leighton Meester, has the mean look about her and perfect look to match description