Fifty Shades of Grey Movie: New Details!

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The Fifty Shades of Grey movie is moving forward, with two big names now on board. To produce it, that is. Still no word on who will play Christian and Ana.

Michael De Luca and Dana Brunetti, the team behind The Social Network, will produce the movie version of E.L. James' novel, giving it a credibility boost.

In a statement to the Hollywood Reporter, Universal co-chairman Donna Langley said of the film: “At its core, Fifty Shades of Grey is a complex love story."

"It requires a delicate and sophisticated hand to bring it to the big screen. Mike and Dana’s credits more than exemplify what we need in creative partners."

Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy Covers

The books, about an innocent college girl drawn into the world of bondage and S&M by an attractive billionaire, have already sold 31 million copies worldwide.

As for the details everyone's most curious about - who will play Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey - we may have to wait awhile, according to E.L. James.

"We are so far away from casting the Fifty films," the writer tweeted last week. "No one has been ruled out... no one is ruled in. Just so you all know."

Names like the Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder, Alex Pettyfer, Matt Bomer, Michael Fassbender and Channing Tatum have been floated ... who do you have in mind?

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Who should play Christian?

Who should play Ana?


I thik that the combination is obvious Matt Bomer and Alexix Bledel. From ohther opinions of the girl actors no one is more like inocent Anna. And Bomer has the same eyes as Christian (as i imagined him)


Christian needs to have copper hair and model like features! I say go with Lars Burmeister who is a German model seen in Hugo Boss and Giorgio Armani ads. He can always take acting lessons, but someone who is age appropriate for Ana and has the refined chiseled look that Ana loves!!! Alexis Bledel or Emma Stone as Ana.


Matt Bomer. Universal Studios, Do yourselves a favor and cast him. The peoples opinions of who they want to play as Christian is obviously that of a bias one, making the decision very torn and debatable. The safest choice when casting is to pick the most compatibale to the characters description. Matt Bomer is the right age, has the exact look, and is very sexy and attractive. He may not be every fans dreamy christian but either is any of the other choices. Like what is the deal with even suggesting Alexander Skarsgard? hes too old and really doesnt have the smoldering good looks, and ryan Gosling just seems a little femenine (if thats the right word). Just not dominant. Ian is sexy and i dont have much of an argument against him other then hes no real match for Matt when comparing with the books descriptions, and after all, us fans fell for the Christian in the book.


Herme hammer will be so perfect as christain grey. He has all the characteristics of a Mr. Grey, most especially "beautiful". In dark hair, he'll be just right.


Whatever has become of this relationship of screen they still compliment eaches others acting they come across the screen intense an can get angry an loveing caring at the same time. Robert patison dosnt even have to speak his facial expressions make you feel what he is. I hope these to get the parts. A real artist can put personal feelings aside to make a good movie.


Michael Trucco would be my Christian Grey.


I so think Christian Bale all the way omg the dark side of him in batman and the fun side and his body that look that he has like dark and mysterious look he always does he soooooooooooo Christian Grey, if not then Ryan Reynolds another good one maybe not as dark as Christian Bale but he body is enough said lol


Matt Bomer is the OBVIOUS choice!
The entire time I was reading the books, he's the only one I could visualize as Christian Grey. And that just made the books even HOTTER in my humble opinion.
His looks, his intense persona. Those EYES! He IS Christian Grey.
Any other man for this part just wouldn't be believeable, or nearly as hot.


Channing Tatum should for sure be Christian Grey. He is perfect for the part. Ana should be Rachel Anne McAdams.


well i when i was readig the books all i could picture is christian bale