Former Cheerleader Sarah Jones Rejects "Female Sandusky" Label, Sexual Abuse Allegations

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Former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones, a.k.a. the female Sandusky, is firing back at her at critics and the rumors about her personal life despite a request by prosecutors for a gag order in her sexual assault case.

Once a captain of the Cincinnati Ben-Gals (get it?!) and a former high school teacher, Sarah Jones is accused of sexually abusing a student and unlawful use of electronic means to induce a minor to engage in sexual activity.

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"I read on blogs that I'm the female Jerry Sandusky ... to read those things and not be able to comment, not be able to stick up for myself is not fair," said the Kenton County, Ky., resident in an interview with ABC News.

"There's blogs and postings out there that I have slept with numerous people. I married my high school sweetheart," said Jones.

"People don't know the real me. I just asked the general public to maybe hold their judgment a little bit longer until the truth comes out."

Prosecutors asked a judge for a gag order on Monday to stop Jones from talking after she went on her lawyer's radio show earlier this month.

She went on the show to refute the charges against her. Jones' lawyer, Eric Deters, filed a motion to dismiss all charges due to lack of evidence.

"They have no evidence that sexual relations of any type took place in any of the 50 United States of America," Deters told ABC station WCPO.

The judge said she would review the motions. Prosecutors, for their part, say they will be proceeding with their case against Jones as planned.

"We won't be sending out motions, we won't be going on radio shows. You will be hearing our arguments about evidence in court," said a spokesman.

Last fall, the then-26-year-old Sarah was teaching at Dixie Heights High School and accused of having sex with a 17-year-old student.

Jones' mother, Cheryl Jones – a middle school principal in the same school district - is accused of tampering with evidence in the case.

Sarah Jones resigned from her position in November 2011.

Both mother and daughter pleaded not guilty in April at their arraignment. Both Sarah and Cheryl Jones were joined by dozens of supporters.

Including the family of the alleged victim, no less. The victim's name has not been released due to his age.

"The hardest thing has been having not only me go through it, but to have my mom go through it with me," said Sarah Jones.

"It's almost kind of a guilty feeling that she is even involved in this because what has happened to her is not fair. My goal is for her charges to be dismissed."

Jones' lawyer is also demanding the prosecution be sanctioned for saying in court that Jones allegedly sent a text to the victim saying "deny everything."

The prosecution described other texts with the victim as "steamy."

"I think people are taking this whole student-teacher thing… Yes, he was a student but he was not my student," said Jones.

"He was a family friend and I am very close to his parents. Had it not been for their support it would be very difficult to get through this without them."


Oh will you people get over it. This wasn't a poor innocent child this was a seventeen year old boy with raging hormones watching this beautiful ass strut around the classroom all day. You should give him kudos for nailing that


KARIEN: When teachers are "molesting" the ones they are paid to educate then it is time for the community to get "their nosyasses" right in the middle of it and kick there "sorryasses" to the jail cell. Word to the unwise, don't screw up and your name and story will not appear in the spread. If they don't want that to happen then they should change their pattern of behavior. Justice will prevail KIMARAS31: they are all the sam whether they molested one or 1000. Bad judgement is trying to jump a 20 foot wide ditch when the best you have ever did is 10 ft. Jerry Sandusky never pried on childern until his first one. No one knows where that slippery road will lead until the trip is started. Maybe she was only giving him home schooling in "sexed".


KARIEN: When teachers are "molesting" the ones they are paid to educate then it is time for the community to get "their nosyasses" right in the middle of it and kick there "sorryasses" to the jail cell. When you commit such horrible acts against our "childern". Dont screw up an your name and story will appear in the spread. If they don't want that to happen then they should change their pattern of behavior. Justice will prevail.


GWKEZAR: a parent or legal guardian must sign for a 17 Y.O. to join the military. So I guess a teacher could get parental consent when wanting to molest their "child". I bet that would go over real big. KATE: States have a law that prohibits anyone associated with the state school system from having sex with anyone enrolled as a student, regardless of the students age. The law was enacted to protect school "childern" from "pedifile teachers".


Miss Jones's former school, Dixie Heights High School doesn't have a good track record. A former retired teacher gave an accused pedophile, Sylvain Kustyan the money to flee the country to his native France when they learned that an arrest was imminent. This even though the victim who came forward was a close relative of this retired Dixie Heights teacher and told her of the abuse, Now due to this depraved action on her part, Mr Kustyan is free to continue his perverted actions against innocent little boys in France.


That's a bit much to call her The female Jerry Sandusky, how can you be fair and compare her to the monster. She might have made a bad judgment call yes, If the story is true. But a monster That's a unfair. She wasnt preying on kids and misleading them.


A 17 year old can join the military, but this is called child abuse?


Even if she was sleeping with the guy he was 17 and only 9 years younger. thats not thaat bad considering there are so many couples/people who slept together with a bigger age difference than that. like rupert sanders and k.stew or demi moore and ashton kutcher or katherine zeta jones and michael duglas with a 25 year age difference!!! and yet thats legal.


Corruption in the current administration`s government agencies is showing up daily now.


she's 100%. Americans continue to convict or acquit in the media. Until Americans get their nosyasses out other peoples business the business of justice will not prevail.

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