Emma Watson Rumored for Role of Anastasia Steele

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Talk about casting against type...

According to The New York Daily News, Emma Watson is the latest actress rumored to be up for the role of Anastasia Steele in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey big screen adaption.

Emma Watson on the Red Carpet

Watson, of course, will forever be known as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter franchise. She'll next be seen in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which hits theaters on September 14.

Who might star opposite Watson if this young star nabs the role? Ian Somerhalder, Ryan Gosling, and Alexander Skarsgard have all been talked about as Christian Grey.

Do you want to see Emma Watson portray Anastasia Steele?


She is way too talented and too good for that drivel. The book was poorly written trash. I can't believe they're even thinking about making a movie about it!


Emma actually isn't that much younger than the woman in 50 shades of grey. She is in her early 20s and has graduated college. She should be able to grow up and play grow up roles of her choosing. Not just roles of what people think she should do based on their image of her from her role as the much beloved Hermoine Granger from Harry Potter movies. It's not like it's her only movie she has done but it's her best known one today. She could pull it off but people will have to look pass her image as hermoine to actually she her as an actress and not just a character in a movie.


I hope this isn't serious. She's too high profile, for one, and honestly? She's better than 50 shades. She's too good for poorly written, overrated, published Twilight fan fiction.


No she is perfect ..Emma is about the same age and her look is what is needed she in innocent in looks and. And. An carry it off


Why such a famous name? It's Hunger games casting against type all over again. They had to choose the ones with oscar nominations or the ones with an existing bridge to terabithia/disney fanbase. Not that the acting was bad but Jen and Josh didn't have any chemistry together and they still looked like not suited for the roles. Why these producers never consider new talent??? That's why Twilight is the success it is. You can either love or hate Robsten and frankly they don't suit the roles 100% but they were chosen because of his chemistry together not because they had oscar noms or an already existing fanbase. Who hasn't heard of Emma Watson? she must have like hundreds of fans already but she's just not Ana unless someone finds a guy who has Robsten chemistry with her and you won't find him if you don't think outside of the box and consider new talent.


I think she's absolutely to young for this role and what the book is about. Even if she does a great job. I don't think she is appropriate for her age. I get times are different and it's just acting. I just think it's too much and too soon.


i think she wont suit it i cant picture her as ana,but she could prove me wrong. As for mr grey ian is perfect in my book :)

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