Emily Maynard: The Biggest Diva of All Time?

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As the season's dramatic climax approaches rapidly, The Bachelorette star Emily Maynard is the topic of more rumors than we can even keep track of.

One day, she's "madly in love" with host Chris Harrison ... then "dissing" him and won't give him her phone number! And she may be back with Brad.

Oh, and she's the "biggest diva of all time" according to so-called insiders. Can we believe any of this? Or even The Bachelorette spoilers re: the finale?

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According to sources close to The Bachelorette, Emily and Chris are "good friends" and reports of any romantic entanglement are "100 percent false."

In Monday's "Men Tell All" special, Chris and Emily will reportedly joke around about all the ridiculous celebrity gossip reports about their relationship.

As for reports of her being a diva during production, those have been more widespread throughout the year, and at least somewhat more believable.

Still, a source says, "Emily is very sweet and stories of her being a diva are ridiculous! Our crew loved her more than anybody we've had, seriously."

Insiders insist Emily was nothing but sweetness and sugar all season, despite reports in tabloids labeling her the ABC show's "biggest diva of all time."

So basically, don't believe the hype ... or if you do, take it with a boulder of salt. As for the finale, who should she pick, Arie Luyendyk or Jef Holm?


Oh, you guy's take all the fun out of it. Why can't viewers just watch and enjoy it for what it is and stop being so critical?


Comparing Emily's high school pictures to today, I would say that she's had nothing done. She was really pretty in high school. Her face is not as full today, and she's older now, so looks somewhat different-- plus she has make-up people taking care of her for the show, but I do not believe she has had any plastic surgery. If she has, it has been extremely subtle. She also seems pretty genuine to me-- well, as genuine as anyone can be who appears on a reality show. I think all of them (read: ALL) are in it for their 15 minutes of fame. They're all looking to boost their current careers, and/or start new ones. I do believe that "looking for love" is probably last on the list. Even so, I don't want to look at unattractive people on shows like this. I'm glad they pick attractive above-average looking people. If I want to watch "average" people, I can do that in my neighborhood.


haa what desarae said is so right on, fake! teeth, hair tears and God only knows what else, if she is dating chris why in the hell is she wasting views times watching this stupid show..nobody gets married anways...why should she she let a real man go, Shaun.. he was too good for her anways


Well, I gotta side with the folks that think she is genuine...personally, her standards and sweetness...the very clearly stated goals and straightforward questions, to me are all VERY refreshing...as far as "fake everything"...am I missing something??? because I personally do not know one girlfriend that does not get her hair colored, grey touched up, extensions, weaves, veneers, caps or implants...not to mention that an enormous amount of people...men and women alike, have had some kind of cosmetic surgery...from botox to laser work on vericose veins...very few people have not had something done... I say...since none of us know her personally...lets move away from criticsm...and be bigger people ourselves by wishing her the very best.


Also not that those that are a nobody when the show is cast - go on to be a nobody when the show is over - basically they don't continue to put themselves in the limelight. Wish the days of New People were again in the mix. Really loved seeing new faces and new drama - not the same ole same ole.


In more ways than one, I think that your points are very valid. Especially your observation about the clothes that Emily wears on the show NOT belonging to her. I mean...to me, those gowns that Emily wears look V-E-R-Y expensive. Another thing: Those Bachelor/Bachelorette producers DO NOT care about us viewers!!!!! The producers themselves are nothing but a bunch of dishonest, egotistical, and lying SCUMBAGS who ONLY care about drama, ratings and (most of all) filling their own pockets with lots and lots of $$$$$!!!!! IDIOTIC PRODUCERS!!!!!!! Marcia...take care. Peace.


I don't get the best vibes about this girl...Her voice is annoying, and she just seems like she's sooo vain and comsumed with looking like Barbie with the fake boobs, the hair, etc....I'm just SO sick of the Bachelor/Bachelorette...Whomever does the casting for this show never seems to cast any real/average everyday folks on there...It's always girls that are obsessed with looking perfect and cheezy guys...I'm bored...Oh, and I didn't even bother to tune in for Emily's season...I could care less...


I know how hard it is to date while a single Mom. You are always concerned what is best for your child. A lot of women make the wrong choices and the children pay for it. She is not a fake. This girl is real. This is the best of all your shows. I wish her happiness.


finally a website to comment on the biggest diva. it has always occurred to me that Emily would go after Chris since his seperation. i hope he has better taste. she is only in this gig for the attention: fake hair, fake teeth, fake tears, fake everything. she cant stop licking her teeth and touching her hair. worst season ever!

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