Emily Maynard: Reportedly Engaged To...

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No, Emily Maynard does not get rejected on this Sunday's Bachelorette finale. Not according to the expert on all things related to this ABC competition.

In his latest blog entry, Reality Steve says he knows exactly what goes down on the concluding episode and exactly what Maynard's status now is with her chosen suitor. Read on and consider yourself spoiler warned...

“Emily and Jef left Curacao an engaged couple," the report states, referring to popular contestant Jef Holm, of course.

The insider goes on to say that nothing especially shocking will go down on Sunday.

"This live finale is not going to be her making her decision between both guys, or, they leave us hanging in Curacao with Jef proposing and Emily saying she needs more time to think about it. Nothing like that. They got engaged in Curacao, and despite whatever garbage you read elsewhere, they are still engaged today.”

So there you have it. Yes, Reality Steve confirms, Emily and Arie made contact a few times after the show stopped filming, but there's no major scandal here and no changing the alleged bottom line:

Emily Maynard and Jef Holm are a happily engaged couple. Does this make you a happy Bachelorette fan?

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Emily you snooze you lose you should had picked the babe Shawn.


Emily missed the boat when she let Shaun out of her life, he was the cutiest and very smart. We need a senior bach pad! 6o's


IF Arie doesn't win PLEASE let him be the next Bachelor! I want to see more of him. :)


Arie got a bad rap from almost everyone. If he was a "player" before the show, so what! He's single AND gorgeous, and I'm sure none of you making stupid comments are celibate. Besides, it's not about who YOU want to win, it's about what Emily wants. She traded love with Arie for $$$$$ with Jef. Poor Jef, but atleast Ari8e dodged the bullet of the little gold digger.


Emily didn't pick Sean, as he's an insurance agent, he doesn't make nearly enough money for her life style, and he doesn't live far enough away from the Hendrick family. Emily maybe able to get more money for them to visit their grand daughter, or to keep them closer to N.C. in the end.


At least she didn't pick Chris!! The Bachelor Pad previews make him look like a total douche...


Oh Diane, how do you know what his family is like ? They never introduced the parents. They could be wacko's!


Congrats either way! If I find SEAN though he's mine ;) lol. BTW Emily lay off the botox hun! You can't move you face anymore :/


Let me help her. I will send her a lacy hankerchief that she can cry into. I have read some of these articles about the Bachelorette. For the most part this show is a big fiasco of trash. Out of 16 seasons only a few (maybe 2) stayed together. Waste of money. Hey ABC, spend it on something worth while....like helping to feed and clothe our American people.


Emily should have watch and payed attention to what Jeff's family was saying. Jeff is still a child and is not ready to be married or be a father. Sean seemed to be the perfect match!!