Emily Maynard: Rejected on The Bachelorette Finale?!

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As the Emily Maynard rumor mill turns …

According to a tabloid report, The Bachelorette star herself was shot down on the finale by one of her two remaining hopefuls, Arie Luyendyk, Jr. and Jef Holm.

If that's true, which we doubt, it would make her choice a lot easier!

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In Touch "reveals" (i.e. fabricates) today that the man who proposes to Emily Maynard on the season finale Sunday, July 22, was not her first choice.

“He won by default,” an insider spills. Supposedly.

The man who captured Emily’s heart rejected her at the penultimate hour, according to the insider, in an emotional scene filmed for The Bachelorette season finale.

Emily was enjoying a date with one of her final two candidates - read The Bachelorette spoilers to see who wins - when he got a sudden case of cold feet.

“He said, ‘I don’t think we know each other nearly enough to even be entertaining this; I don’t think we should get engaged,’” says the insider.

“She was crying and begging him to reconsider,” says the insider, who says the single mom even blurted out, “You’re the one I want to pick!”

This bombshell revelation, which would run contrary to everything he's said so far, is allegedly followed by her dream man walking off for good.

Whether viewers will get to watch this shocking twist play out on air is still uncertain - convenient, as this story may be BS. Also convenient?

Despite being ditched by her dream man in stunning fashion, Emily is now happily engaged and living with the other finalist this season.

Whatever works ... for her and good celebrity gossip.

Regardless of whether any of this is true, who do you think is a better fit for her, Arie Luyendyk Jr. or Jef Holm? Vote in THG's poll below!


I just think it is sad for Arie. Emily is not fair at all! she consistantly give wrong signals to Arie. Make Arie feels no one else in their picture. When she visited Arie's family, she said she needed to plan right outfit. She did wear more elegant outfit than other family visit. She stayed to chat with Jef in fatancy suite which was not available for Arie because she felt that she couldn't control herself. So Arie's time with her is cut short in the final day. plus there is no final day for Arie and no meeting with Ricki. How could it change so dramatically in one day? especially she even didn't give Arie chance to interact with Ricki. In the beginning I believe she loves arie, and feel bad for true love didn't happen. Now I think She is fake. I suspect her motive. She even dare to say in fornt of Arie that Arie and she won't be good forever. I think Arie has a lot of dignity. I really think he deserves much better. I feel so much for Arie!


What I saw when she turned down Arie and he was leaving in the suv she said "Will you wait for me?" HUH? What a flake.


So fake. She is in for the money. Watch her take it away and then he gets what he deserves. Other guys shot in the wind (you are so lucky). Arie you deserve far better! Uses Ricky as her excuse. Sean find someone who isn't fake!!!!!!


I think she chose the right one, Jef. I was surprised they are going on a mission trip together (soon) to Africa. I can't picture her without her beautician handy to comb her hair and apply mascara. We'll see how this pans out!


I have no problem with who she picked...but the fact that she made Arie feel so secure in the relationship that he was completely blind sided really sucks. If I was Jef I'd be concerned. The whole season all she wanted to do was kiss Arie and plan a life together... then she doesn't even give him the same chance to show her the family perspective by him meeting Ricky. Bizare!! Once again the woman rejects the guy she knows is right for some other life she thinks would be fun. Hey...future contestants...try not "loving" 25 people at once and just be friends...instead of making several think they are the one!


I was so sure she was going to pick Ari because she really had the Hots for him. But she chose the Kid instead, and all doing the show she talked about how she wanted to get married and have kids like yesterday and then on the final last night she said she wanted to take a trip to Africa and of course the Kid said he would take her and make it business, she is a gold digger, but Emily you really worked it this time and all I can say is, If you've got it, flaunt it. Please do not bring her back on the show when she ends her engagement with Jef.


She rejected Arie not the other way around as I've read. If it don't work out this time, she should not be allowed to return. Seems like all bachelorettes/bachelors are in it for the money. You can't find real love in the short amount of time they are on the show.


I don't like how the articles say she was rejected by one of them when she is the one who did the rejecting by not even giving Arie a chance for the last date and just automatically chose Jef. If this don't work out I certainly hope


Help, my mom is crazy from all the Botox. She can't move her forehead or eybrows so I can't tell what emotions she's feeling, BUT I know she picked the wrong guy to b e my dad. She only picked the guy from Utah cuz he's got money, she told me. Its not going to last 6 mos -- tops! Please stop showering her with attention, its going right to her over-Botoxed head and she doesn't deserve it. She's a fake and phoney.


I loved the guy from Texas. He was so sincere from the beginning and very mature. I feel she truly messed up letting him go. He had great family values and morals and so much repsect. I am not saying this guy isn't a good guy but truly the guy from Texas was awesome. If this does not play out and she walks away, then she is doing this all for publicity. I really got sick of this program in the end as she was so FAKE and was not the sweet little girl she projected. I wish her the best ; Ricki especially and Ricki's grandparents. I know how much she means to them as I am a grandparent. I am sure that Ricki's interest will be protected and hopefully covered through a trust throughout her life for herself and her future.

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