Emily Maynard Blogs About Men Tell All Special

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A week prior to The Bachelorette finale, Emily Maynard came face-to-face with her potential suitors on last night's Men Tell All special.

What was the most challenging aspect of the reunion for this beautiful single mother? Seeing Sean Lowe again, Emily admitted in a new blog entry.

"I didn't feel like we had much closure, and it was really important to me that he knew that everything I felt was 100 percent real for me," Maynard writes, adding that she's thrilled Sean is now in a "great place."

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Who will Emily actually end up with? Visit our section of Bachelorette spoilers for a few theories.

Who got slammed the hardest on this week's special? That's easy: Kalon.

"He made it pretty clear he wasn't sorry, so I wasn't going to sit there and let him think he was tricking me into thinking he was a nice guy," says Maynard. "People like Kalon make me sad and I'm just glad I never have to waste another second thinking about him!"

NOTE: The Bachelorette finale will actually air on Sunday night, so set your DVR accordingly and answer now: Who should Emily pick?


Stacy - maybe you should educate yourself first. The word is LOSE not loose.


Emily please dont act like Kalon doesnt get to you - we see your face when things don't get your way. Please dont act like you wont "have to waste another second thinking about him"...my god, you follow him on Twitter. I think you should spend more time educating yourself, maybe enrolling in a few college classes. These single mothers have alot of time of their hands. Please do something for yourself to make YOU a better more fulfilled human being. Being a mom can make you loose your marbles sometimes.

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