Elizabeth Edwards Used Rielle Hunter Screensaver Pic to Torment John, Home-Wrecker Claims

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Rielle Hunter's new tell-all What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter, and Me contains many seedy revelations, but this one may take the cake.

Elizabeth Edwards kept a photo of John Edwards and Rielle as her screensaver to not-so-subtly torment her cheating husband, Hunter claims in her book.

In a book excerpt printed in People, Hunter, who bashes Elizabeth Edwards repeatedly, described how the cancer-stricken wife first reacted to their affair:

Elizabeth Edwards Pic
Smilin' John
A Rielle Pic

"Elizabeth requested all the tapes (I’d made of the campaign, as a videographer). On one tape she saw Johnny walking into a room and his reaction to seeing me."

"She apparently told him that he never once looked at her the way he looked at me. So she took that bit and put it on her computer as a screen saver."

"The poor woman thought she was tormenting her cheating husband, using the image as a painful reminder of his foolish, political career-killing indiscretion."

"But in an attempt to punish John, Elizabeth was ultimately just tormenting herself."

If one can be tormented in the afterlife by events here on Earth, she likely is by Hunter and her book. Especially this excerpt near the end:

“I’m still in love with John. That didn’t go away, shockingly enough. Marriage? I have no idea. I’m not a big fan of the institution, but never say never.”

Except that Rielle Hunter and John Edwards just broke up. Oh well.


I think the best thing would be in the future for John to marry someone else who loves his children(with Elizabeth that is), be classy, gorgeous, and put Johnny in his place.This would be the best payback for Elizabeth. This way, Rielle could not stand it and make her life hard for a change.God has a way of dealing with people who act in this way and he can deal with her better than any of us could, even "Johnny."


What I don't understand is why Elizabeth would torture herself with a picture of this home wrecker.She was much too classy to save it unless she was going to use it against Johnny, according what Rielle calls him. Rielle thinks she is entitled to call herself "family" of the Edwards because of Quinn.She is NOT family and never will be because of her bad behavior yet still calls herself "family." What a winner did John pick; now he must live with the consequences of having a sexual relationship with Rielle. It ruined his political, family, and legal life forever.Yes, where is Elizabeth's brothers and sisters speaking out against all this trash? They should be consulting attorneys or going to the medial to clear Elizabeth.Although, in the end, Rielle Hunter will be the one to lose and already hated by almost everyone in American after what she did!


Her trashy book is dead less then 3 weeks after publication.Amazon has it ranked 1,360 Ha-Ha!!Even fighting cancer Elizabeth was more beautiful then this women could be on her best day.She can put on all the makeup she wants but she is still ugly inside and out!!!


Her trashy book is dead less then 3 weeks after publication.Amazon has it ranked number 1,360.Even fighting cancer Elizabeth was more beautiful then this women could be on her best day in all her makeup and it takes a lot of makeup to make her look good!


Elizabeth is a stunningly beautiful woman inside and out....and Rielle looks like a prune inside and out. It just goes to show you that men are stupid. They can have an angel by their side, but must put their you know what in something else -- even if it is trashy. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Look at all the damage that was done.


Yes, Rielle has really shown herself to be a skank - Johnny is being paid back by the embarrassment of Rielle airing all the dirty laundry about their affair and certainly embarrassed his children - the rest of his family probably does not speak out because they do not want to dignify anything Rielle has to say - It would certainly seem that Johnny IS being tortured by all the dredging up of their affair by Rielle


It's time for this big time shank to shut up and go away forever.


My question is: Where is Elizabeth's immediate Family to issue a joint statement condeming this trash, sisters, brothers etc.. I know Cate gave Johnny Boy an ultimatum, but what about Elizabeth's other Family members? They should be screaming from the rooftops defending Elizabeth. Another working title for trash's book nobody will ever buy: "The Ho' Chronicles".


I feel sorry for John's kids from Elizabeth as Reille Hunter is a witch and disgusting. He needs to get far away from her and only see Quinn. She is terrible and he will never be in politics again if he stays with her. He better listen to his older daughter Cate as she is a wonderful person by standing with him during his trial. God Bless his children from Elizabeth and his parents.


Rielle needs to be sentenced to the life she and John dealt Elizabeth, every bit of it, for all eternity. I think that is what we call HELL.

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