Ed Helms to Boycott Chick-fil-A Over Company's Anti-Gay Marriage Stance

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Ed Helms is hilarious in The Hangover and on The Office.

But the actor does not take the stance of Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy as a laughing matter.

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In a recent interview with a Christian publication, Cathy said his company is "guilty as charged" when it comes to accusations that it is opposed to gay marriage, adding that Chick-fil-A supports the "biblical definition of the family unit."

That is the company's right, of course, and it's led to Helms exercise his own right.

"Chick-Fil-A doesn't like gay people? So lame," Helms Tweeted yesterday. "Hate to think what they do to the gay chickens! Lost a loyal fan."

Helms is not alone in his stance. Many associated with NOH8 - such as Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian - have also called for a Chick-fil-A boycott.

Where do you stand on Helms' decision to boycott the restaurant?


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God is love-REMEMBER! What you do to the least of my brothers.....


Let's see, our ancesters came to America for freedom! Free to live your life according to your beliefs! Boycotting anyone/company is intolerant. You don't like their beliefs, so what. Go your own way and leave others alone! You are all becoming little tyrants....chipping away at freedom. The first amendment to our Constitution is the first for a reason: Freedom on speech, association, religious expression are protected inalienable rights. And please, people, do not use Ed Helms, Kardashians, Cyrus, or any other so called celebs as guides in life. We need you to be smarter than that. There are real threats to our country and our freedoms that far outweigh this issue.


Because Ed Helms, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, and Lindsay Lohan are who I look to for advice on where to eat....


Why would Chick fil A Take a stance either way? I thought they made chicken? What the hell?


Seeing all these comments from bigots make me so happy I'm an Atheist. Proud to say I believe in equality and I'm not shrouding my beliefs on something someone else told me to believe. For those obligatory "Rot in Hell" comments, I do not believe in Hell. :)


I love Chick-fil-a! The company and it's opinions don't have anything to do with their food, which is great! The company is showing that it has values and belief in the sanctity of marriage. Marriage the way it is stated in the bible. There is nothing wrong with that. I would boycott Starbucks over Chick-fil-a. Yes, I do have gay friends...but to me one has nothing to do with the other. Everyone has their own opinions and they are entitled to them.


I think it is wonderful that Chick-fil-A is standing up for the Word of God. Gay marriage absolutly goes against His word. I will definitly eat more chicken..


Who the Heck is Ed Helms???? Who cares what he does, whoever he is?
No matter what anyone says, when we all stand before the Lord, we will ALL have to answer for willful sin that has never been repented of. So do what you want,you can act as if you aren't going to have to answer to any sin, but you just wait.... You are gonna whether you like it or not. I promise you, you will be glad you turned from your sin, whatever sin it may be.


I think it can hurt business. If his comments reach mainstream media. Any negative slurs or unwanted views can hurt a business. You need to make profit to stay open.


Bad for business. I work as Regional Mgr. for a major dept. store. Retail motto-consumers are our paychecks leave your personal life and thoughts at home.