Dominic Monaghan Calls for Cancelation of Swamp People, Labels Show "Death Entertainment"

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Dominic Monaghan is speaking out against Swamp People, and on behalf of animals everywhere.

The former Lost star, who labeled Matthew Fox a frequent woman beater in May, posted on Twitter a short while ago that the History Channel should put an end to its popular series ASAP.

Dominic Monaghan Press Conference Photo

Labeling the program as "death entertainment," Monaghan said Swamp People "continues to demonize reptiles as monsters and animals that are okay to torture and kill."

He added that "if alligator populations need to be controlled, I understand. But the act should not be glorified on TV" and concludes by pointing his finger squarely at the History Channel: "I blame the network, not the people."

What do YOU think? Should Swamp People get the axe?

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regarding the swamp people show. Why can't those people catch the gators and take them to an alligator farm like the gator people do in Florida. Gators were here first and I understand you have to limit them but not that way. I agree with you Dominic


The Show Is Entertaining, And Should Continue To Be Aired, If People Can Not Stand To Watch The Show Change The Channel. Its A Way Of Life Where They Live And It Will Continue To Happen With Or Without The Show (Which My Wife And I Love). People Keep Buying Things Made From Alligator Skin So Someone Has To Fill The Demand...Why Not Put It On TV So People Can Choose Whether Or Not To Watch... Mr. D.M. Is Just After A Little Attention In My Opinion.


.. If I ever thought you were invvloed in something like this I'd cry, I'd be mad, I'd me mortified, and you would have to pack a bag and leave the country for awhile for your own safety. Have respect for the law but fear your Mother! He rolled his eyes and said as if I would be like that Mom! He had me there .darn kids are smart. Anyways..I love your work. I too am a fellow shooter, just starting out. Thanks for the lovely work that fills the world with brightness. And thank you for being a special Mom!


I love animals and donate to various organizations. I also hunt. Hunting is far more humane than farming animals. Check out PETA and WSPA if you want to learn the truth about the source of your food, leather couch, and wool coat.
That being said, I believe this mind numbing form of entertainment is useless.


It's too bad History channel has to resort to this show for ratings. So many other good shows on their channel. It's a reality obviously, but what kind of mindless idiot wants to watch a bunch of mindless rednecks with grade two educations slaughter alligators?? "Prime time good times round the ol' picture box and next to ma' coal stove.. Pass the popcorn Ma!" I agree it should be cancelled and as a viewer of History's more informative and entertaining programs, am offended by the commercials. Not that any of the swamp people, or it's producers... or viewers would understand the fact that this leads to loss of viewers not even watching this idiocy. S'called a domino affect ya beatnick. Go back to school. Better yet.... Don't bother.


what is this country coming to ,we have dogooders that forget how
some folks hato make a living,some of us work at what ever it takes
to make it through this life, we can't pick and choose how we make a living,we have more pride than be on welfare.


I love gator! Yummy! If you don't like Gator hunting, you can always go down to the swamp, and put yourself between the Gator and the gun. (which way to face in that situation is the question though) You can also turn off the history channel, and watch rainbow brite and the care bears instead. Other than that, quit whining. Just my opinion.

Wv peach

@Sheryl: great points!! Perhaps Dominic should remember that his pecking order on the food chain is due to a large brain......which grew from protein consumption. Last I checked, Neanderthals and Cro-Magnon's didn't drink whey shakes and eat muscle milk bars. Wake up dude!


SP is obviously ignorant to the ways of the world. Gators in the bayou do not have natural predators and their population would explode if they are not hunted. As their food sources are consumed, they would hunt and kill humans. These people have limited resources as to what they can do for a living, and this is just one of the ways they survive, and have been surviving this way for many generations. The hunting season is only 30 days per year and it is necessary to control the population. The world is not wrapped in a pretty bow!


I applaud Monaghan for speaking up-animals never have a voice-any show promoting animails being hunted, killed for entertainment of sport is appalling and is in bad taste and should never be aired- to those who do hunt in their limited capacity to understand cruelty to any living being these shows validate killing of animals. ANY SHOW, not only this one, involved with hunting in any way should be banned from TV period-its disgusting and barbaric-we certainly don't need to hunt and kill for survival, and if that's how someone makes a living, get a clue and do something else. There is no justification or excuse for anyone to hunt and kill, period. And by saying oh that's how they make their living then choose another profession! Let animals live in peace-we as humans are arrogant and cruel and need to stop torturing other living beings for money and greed. It breaks my heart but I know there are others who don't see it that way and there always will be.