Demi Lovato to Bath Salt Rapping X Factor Hopefuls: See Ya!

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Be warned, future X Factor hopefuls: Demi Lovato means business. Especially when it comes to drugs.

The new judge - whose history with substance abuse is well-known - reportedly stopped a couple of contestants in their rapping tracks this week because their lyrics included references to "bath salts," a synthetic powder that has been compared to cocaine and crystal meth - and was even rumored to be responsible for zombie attacks in Miami earlier this year.

Said an E! News source of the Greensboro audition:

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"She wasn't having any of it. She said 'It's really irresponsible to be rapping about drugs in front of kids.' Then they tried to make excuses and Demi said, 'You talked about bath salts, I heard you.'"

Lovato ordered the young rappers to exit the stage, the insider added, and the "rest of the judges completely backed her."

Between this example, and reports that Britney Spears recently walked off the X Factor set because a drag queen tried to pay tribute to her with a rendition of "(You Drive Me) Crazy," there's little doubt:

Season 2 of the Fox competition will bring the serious drama!


@Betty She wasn't an addict she was self medicated ONCE. Lindsay is the addict you stupid cunt and Demi Lovato is nowhere near talentless she can sing better then any disney star. ur insecure ass is clearly untalented cuz u hate on the best so sad. get a life and find someone who loves you, which my be heart cuz ur a cold hearted bitch. xoxo Gossip Girl.


good 4 u demi!!!!!!


@Betty she doesn't act all high and mighty she knows the consequences of doing drugs and doesn't want people to rap about it like it is ok to use. She has grown and don't sit up here and act like you've never done something wrong. Key word you used for her was EX addict.


Love how celebrities that are ex-addicts are so high and mighty... shut up Lovato. Lord knows why you even have a job, so talentless.


Go Demi!!! It's not like she didn't understand, she knows first hand. And I think she did exactly what was right in her mind and mine. :) good for her, she just proved that everyone e should trust and respect that she is the type of person we should look up to and know that she has gone through it and is a true survivor....... Is it just me or was that dramatic... Whatever it's true ;).

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