Daniel Tosh Rape Joke Results in Uproar, Apology

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Daniel Tosh has been known to push the envelope, but a recent joke about an audience member being gang-raped took it too far, even by his standards.

On Friday, the star of Comedy Central's Tosh.0 was doing standup at The Laugh Factory in L.A. and said at one point that rape jokes are always funny.

After a female audience member vocally disagreed, things got ugly.

According to the woman, Tosh said, "Wouldn't it be funny if that girl got raped by like, 5 guys right now? Like right now? What if a bunch of guys just raped her."

Daniel Tosh on Stage

The woman and her friend, both "completely stunned" and "humiliated," high-tailed it out of there as the audience guffawed in response to Tosh's wisecrack.

After she documented the experience on Tumblr, Tosh linked to the post and tweeted, "all the out of context misquotes aside, I'd like to sincerely apologize."

Smart move, though Laugh Factory owner Jamie Masada was quick to defend him:

"Comedians tell jokes and sometimes they can be off color ... Daniel Tosh is one of the most caring people I know. He had no intentions of hurting anyone."

"I understand where she's coming from, but [Tosh] didn't attack [her] ... I feel bad for her and I apologize to her. If you are a member of the audience and you start dishing out something to a comedian, you better be able to take it."

Also fair. What do you think? Should Daniel have apologized?

UPDATE: The woman complained to the manager but was offered and accepted a refund and two complimentary tickets to the club, so beef quashed.


To James who would like to be raped by women - not funny.

Wv peach

Totally agree with all of you who find this "rape joke" repulsive. Society is too permissive and it gives one the impression anything can be done and/or said. Rape is not funny; it should never be used for jokes or referenced as such. How I wish a bunch of ladies could have rushed the stage and beat his ass.....now that would be funny. Bastard.


Why can't hot chicks rape men that would be cool.I would not go around crying about it .That would be awsome sure save me lots of money.


Rape is not a joke. I'm all for comediens laughing at everyone's expense... but rape is not like racial jokes. It's a violation of someone's body. Not cool dude. He should be reprimanded but of course since he's a man and has little probability of getting raped himself... there won't be any consequences.


There is NOTHING AND I MEAN NOTHING funny about rape because if God forbid that would happen to one of his family members he would see first hand how horrible it really and truely is. To me he can't and will never be able to unring that bell and that is a fact. I am so glad that I didn't hear that joke because I would have walked out and made sure to tell anyone who would listen. I am a rape survivor for many many years and I can still can't get past it I keep it always in the back of my mind and if someone says or does things he would have done it still effects me tody. I think he should go and see women and men that survived rape and really see how much of joke it truely isn't.


Seriously? You're defending jokes about rape, one of the most horrific injustices on the face of the earth. He was probably just speaking in the heat of the moment, yes. But that does not make what he said ok or funny.


He probably did cross the line, but he apologized, it was the heat of the moment and joke was inappropriate. It's over, move on.
That's the sort of thing he does, so anyone that tries to take him seriously is fooling themselves.


I love how out there he is and mostly makes fun of stupid people doing stupid things. I'm sure he is
Constantly trying out new material at these clubs and he found his limit. Bad taste is all relative but I personally
Today would stay away from rape material. There are too many women getting raped for real in Syria,Somalia,etc. To be funny.


Going to a Tosh show and complaining about his rude jokes is like going to a Metallica concert and complaining about how loud it is.


Kathy griffin is also an funny bitch with zero talent.

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