Colorado Shooting Prompts Celebrity Debate Over Gun Control

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While the country continues to mourn the losses incurred inside an Aurora, Colorado movie theater last week, and while new information continues to leak out about shooting James Holmes, a debate has also taken shape around America:

Considering the types of automatic weapons Holmes purchased legally, should the topic of gun control be more firmly addressed in light of the latest massacre?

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has made his feelings on the topic known, as have a number of celebrities.

Ice-T Photograph
Jason Alexander on Seinfeld

Let's focus on two because they possess such contrasting opinions.

In an interview over the weekend, rapper/actor Ice-T took expressed his take: “The right to bear arms is because it’s the last form of defense against tyranny... If somebody wants to kill people, they don’t need a gun to do it.”

He later Tweeted: “If you go into the jungle…. Will you NOT get eaten because you’re a vegan??”

Now, let's hear from Jason Alexander of Seinfeld fame, also via Twitter: “I cannot understand support for legality of the kind of weapon in this massacre. It’s a military weapon. Why should it be in non-mil hands?"

Two sides. One contentious issue. Where do YOU stand? Should automatic weapons be made legally available to the public?


Ban semi auto weapons? No, criminals are going to have guns, legally or illegally and the fact is you got to fight fire with fire. We own semi auto weapons to defend ourselves.


"Jason is correct.Military guns should not be sold to the public." The AR-15 (used my James Holmes in his heinous crime) is not a "military gun". It is no different in function from any other semi-auto detachable magazine rifle. Millions of American legally own those types of rifles for both hunting and target shooting. Don't believe me? Google it.


"there is no need for people to carry semi automatic weapons around with them" Really? My wife disagrees. As a woman who has been beaten and raped, she carries a small semi-auto pistol for self-defense. She is certainly not alone in that, and I do believe that is "a need".


When the constitution was written it was commonplace for households to have cannons, so don't give me this "AR-15's were unfathomable to our founding fathers". This article is terribly written and I stopped reading after "Hilton Hater" called the firearms in questions "automatic weapons". If he had automatic weapons, we would have had far more casualties. If this lunatic would have driven a bulldozer through the theater would we be looking into laws limiting the weight of a bulldozer? The gun is not the problem; the depravity of this scumbag is, and sadly there is no legislation that can fix that.


criminals will always be able to get any type gun they want, no matter what the restrictions are. because they dont go thru normal channels to get guns. so the only people who would be affected are people who legally purchase guns. sad to say but any nut wanting to harm people will always find a way.


This isn't a debate. They are talking about two different things. Ice t is in favor of the second amendment but states nothing about owning illegal guns. Jason is stating military guns shouldn't be in civilian hands. Jason doesn't state that you shouldn't own non mil guns


AR-15's, AK-47, were unfathomable to our founding fathers. People have them for target shooting and perhaps home safety, but for those types of weapons to be accessible to anyone is scary. Especially with the prevalence of mental illness nowadays..


It's pretty pathetic and sad that people have to keep causing shit like this and killing people for the states to realize that they're gun laws are totally weak and it's too easy for people to get guns. Fuckin stupid. You can own a gun to easily but on television they censor the word "shit". Get fuckin real.


I agree to some extent with both sides. Stricter guns laws won't stop killings, because as Ice T said you can kill with other things then guns. But there is no need for people to carry semi automatic weapons around with them. Stricter gun laws won't help, because if a criminal is going to do something a law won't stop them. They will find other ways of getting what they want.

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