Chris Brown Lyrics: 13 Unintentionally Hilarious Lines From Fortune

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Chris Brown, on his new album, shows why he's so successful. With its blend of dubstep, reggae, pop, house, ballads and R&B sex jams, it's got something for everyone.

Lyrically, though, it leaves something to be desired. Unless unintentional comedy is what Breezy's going for on Fortune, in which case, bravo dude.

While there are no references to CB's bottle-throwing fight with Drake - his "I Don't Like" remix takes on that subject - it does include the following gems, most of which involve Brown getting his freak on. Karrueche Tran, be warned:

Chris Brown Fortune Album Cover
  1. "If you love me ... then let it be beautiful." ("Don't Judge Me")
  2. "I'm gonna kiss your other set of lips." ("2012")
  3. "Girl, you sure you wanna slow it down / And you start screaming when I go downtown." ("Sweet Love")
  4. "You better not change your mind ... no is not on option." ("Biggest Fan")
  5. "Pretty motherf---er, I'm gonna put you on the wall." ("Bassline") 
  6. "You're a model? I got bottles, pour it down." ("Bassline")
  7. "Pimps up, hoes down / Ass up, nose down." ("Till I Die")
  8. "Said she you wanna check the pole, I said, 'OK Sarah Palin. So I lay down and lay in." ("Till I Die")
  9. "I be smokin' that fire, and she be smokin' my d--k." ("Till I Die")
  10. "You're hear rumors about me / You can't stand the thought / Of someone touching my body / When you so close to my heart / I won't deny what they saying / Because most of it is true / But it was all before I fell for you." ("Don't Judge Me")
  11. "You would think we in a waterbed / All the sheets are soaked." ("Biggest Fan")
  12. "The stupid things I do, I do it for you." ("Stuck on Stupid")
  13. "Hey little mama all that ass in them pants / Drop it like you're single even though you got a man." ("Trumpet Lights")
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Okay but he get money.... he dont worship the devil and is very talented. Sing, rap, dance, act, and draw. AND he graduated high school. So fuck any bitch who have nothing better to do With thier life but HATE. Everybody always got something to say about tha "black community" MY ASS! (Nicki minaj=katy perry)(rihanna=ke$ha)(mindless behavoir=one direction) (BET=CMT) (MTV2=MTV) i cud go on for days!!!! ( btw i love all the ppl i just named it dosent matter to me!)


Fools who have been tricked into thinking they're elite and above the judgement of god. They traded their souls for the noo matter how awful the music they will find great worldly success because that's their agreement wit the devil. They are aware and conciously decided 2 do so...thus I do not pity them for they will burn and their treasures will turn 2 ash


Chris Brown was hot!! But he's making his image look baddd by fighting everyone including his ex RiRi and
She's horrific. Lol.
If your a superstar than you should act as such. Be an example to the communities of America. Cuzz to tell the truth they all suck. Drake, ugly ass lil Wayne. All those devil worshipped ppl trying to sell out for money....stupid as f...!!!


I think this young man Mr. Brown is very diversity with his own style, and learn a lot from the pro's around the music industry. And because of all this he will be around for alone time to come. But still i believe with the right mentor backing him up, there will always be room for a lot growth and growing up to come in his near future. So to you Mr Chris Brown no more fussing are anymore fights, good luck in you bright music career. "Diamondmane4u !


Y'all need to stop hating on him and get of his dick he makes good music nobody don't never bash lil Wayne's music and they say just about the same things #ijs


You guys are stupid! He is only making music, its like saying Lil Wanye says he gonna kill somebody but he never has & probably never will. Its only music, everything Chris Brown does is either "stupid" or "crap". He's an award winning artist with number 1 songs across the world. I have been a Chris Brown fan since "Run It" & I will always be a fan even though as he gets older his music his targeted to WOMEN. Not men, women! And how do you compare a rapper like tupac to a singer like chris brown, they are not even in the same league, you people are so simple minded


I can't believe He gets paid for this garbage. What a SLEEZE


My dog speaks better than this pos!!!


chris brown is such a fucking loser


I think the rape threat ("better not change your mind; no is not an option") is the most realistic, given the source. They all, however, absolutely suck. My friends and Ia used toto write lyrics similar to the other ones, but then we
turned 14. Dirty rhymes are the easiest!