Chris Brown: Arrested For Gun Possession at BET Awards?

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Following Sunday night's BET Awards, rumors were running rampant that Chris Brown was arrested backstage for illegally possessing a firearm.

Speculation surfaced that the R&B star was going to great lengths to protecting himself against possible retaliation from Drake and Meek Mill.

In the wake of the Chris Brown-Drake fight last month, and given that we're dealing with Chris Brown in general, it didn't seem far fetched.

But it's not true.

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Brown, who was among the BET Awards winners last night, was out and about celebrating last night, completely arrest- and controversy-free.

A rep for the singer also confirms there was no altercation of any kind Sunday.

Incidentally, Drake wasn't at the show, and Meek Mill, who was also involved in the NYC nightclub brawl, was not at the BET after party with Chris.

Consider the rumor debunked, and chalk it up to the crazy Twitterverse.

In other, less controversial Brown news, he Tweeted condolences to his ex this weekend after Rihanna's grandmother died. That was nice of him.


Cheaters are figthing over noting and supporters are busy writing. lets just keep it real. I dont know who to support, i think Rihanna mass the cause.


U haters pls leave cb alone,enemies of progress


Dats fuckin funny how people can talk about but u dnt know wat he been threw and if he was in ur face u wouldn't say shit so leave Chris Brown alone and all his haters r keepin him alive


Oooh looks like we got a bad a$$ up in here!!! Seriously CB? Don't bring a freaking gun to that kind of event.


Cb can woop a female but know he cant woop a dude


They need to leave Chris Brown alone. Drake &d meek mill sit your asses down somewhere.


Leave Chris Brown alone, jerks! Why do everything have to be about, what this guy done 3 damn years ago? Why ride his dick? Quit hatein, because this guy is worth millions and your not. Chris is trying to learn from his mistakes, but you have people that just can't drop the bullshit. I mean he can't be in a real decent relationship, because you have dumb founded people that just can't get over themselves. Why stalk and follow Chris every mood if you don't like him? Some of you all make yourself seem like a very hateful sad person. Life is too short, please go and get one thanks!


when cb grows up and really takes some f***in responsilbility then mebbe ppl will start leaving him alone. Eminem & -im hit each other & he's changed his whole life since then & takes responsibility for his wrongs. CB beat her, while she was trapped in the car, repeatedly said he'd kill her (once as he choked her),kicked & shoved her outta the car then left her BEAT by the side of the road. Black,white,brown,purple or any other color don't matter. He's NOT THE VICTIM HE'S THE VICTIMIZER. Grow up)!!!!!!!!


People leave Chris Brown alone. What Eminem he put his hands on his girl and made songs about it. So why is ya'll mad at Chris again. Think about it. If it was somebody else ya'll would be all happy and stuff. So get it right and Stop Hating on Chris (PLEASE)


Please shoot each other

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