Charlize Theron: So Mad at Kristen Stewart!

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Earlier this year, in a feature for Interview magazine, Charlize Theron said of her Snow White and the Huntsman costar:

"There’s not an ounce of her anatomy that shows how to half-ass anything.”

Now, however, in light of photos that prove Rupert Sanders is intimately familiar with various ounces of Kristen Stewart's anatomy, sources say Theron is less a fan of her fellow actress.

Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart

“Charlize is absolutely fuming with Kristen for having an affair with Rupert,” an insider tells Radar Online, adding that the South African beauty is "tight" with Sanders' wife, Liberty Ross.

Theron and Stewart reportedly grew so close while filming that the former asked the latter to be her son's godmother. But she had no idea about the bond forming between Kristen and the duo's director at the time.

"[She] feels completely betrayed by the whole incident," the source adds of the Oscar winner. “It’s certainly left Charlize between a rock and a hard place, because she feels great sympathy for Liberty and the kids and yet, she has a sisterly love for Kristin."

The latest reports indicate no such confusion for Robert Pattinson. He has supposedly told Stewart to move out and a truck was spotted outside the couple's home in Los Angeles over the weekend.



Why would you name someone you barely know your child's godmother?! That makes absolutely no sense!


Pooh she has to smell something awful down there


So did they have an affair or did they just kiss????


She should be mad at Kristen right they didn't have sex but she kissed him and was all hugged up to him I agree with the people that think that she should be mad at her.


On with another story please..and who cares that Theron feels betrayed, she's not related to him....find new materials ENOUGH ALREADY!!!


Good Lord. They didn't have sex, they kissed. I can see why Robert adn Liberty are upset over that. I can even see how Theron is a little upset, but for all these people condemning them, get a freaking life. It was a kiss and an emotional fling..but not a sexual one. I hate to see how "Perfect" all of you people are becuase you apparently never made any mistakes as you were growing up...also by most of the hate shown here..I doubt you ever have grown up. Get a life people and get out of these celebrities lives.


charlize theron is just voicing her opinion on the whole thing just like everyone else is.


angelina and brad pitt are both homewrecking whores and so is this girl and that ladies husband. I don't think most people agree it's okay to have an affair, these people all suck...


The point that I meant by ok is that it seems to be more accepted that men have an affair but women shouldn't. No one should but depends who you are if ppl seem to be ok with it. Robert did his share of flirting and smooching and got caught on photos and it seems to be ok.


Charlize, Charlize not everything is about you. You just made this situation to be about you - have you even considered what the other parties (the ones actually involved in this) are going thru??!!

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