Charlize Theron: So Mad at Kristen Stewart!

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Earlier this year, in a feature for Interview magazine, Charlize Theron said of her Snow White and the Huntsman costar:

"There’s not an ounce of her anatomy that shows how to half-ass anything.”

Now, however, in light of photos that prove Rupert Sanders is intimately familiar with various ounces of Kristen Stewart's anatomy, sources say Theron is less a fan of her fellow actress.

Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart

“Charlize is absolutely fuming with Kristen for having an affair with Rupert,” an insider tells Radar Online, adding that the South African beauty is "tight" with Sanders' wife, Liberty Ross.

Theron and Stewart reportedly grew so close while filming that the former asked the latter to be her son's godmother. But she had no idea about the bond forming between Kristen and the duo's director at the time.

"[She] feels completely betrayed by the whole incident," the source adds of the Oscar winner. “It’s certainly left Charlize between a rock and a hard place, because she feels great sympathy for Liberty and the kids and yet, she has a sisterly love for Kristin."

The latest reports indicate no such confusion for Robert Pattinson. He has supposedly told Stewart to move out and a truck was spotted outside the couple's home in Los Angeles over the weekend.



These gossip sites dont know anything. I only believe Celebitchy, us magazine, perez, hollywood all fake fake! Rob kristen liberty or rupert havent said anything in a week since the news first broke. It is now only made up lies spread by these sites. This isnt my life or any of my business to be so focused or put so much time into it. Most of the people commenting arent fans of twilight or kristen. You werent going to see her movies or twilight anyway.I will be seeing breaking dawn part 2 in November. I dont care about her personal life. Her behavior will not prevent you from seeing the movie becuz i know how to seperate fantasy from reality.


Who fuckin care what people do in their private life it's no ones fuckin business. And if they don't work it out Kristen should be with someone hot like her not that ugly ass Robert


Well, is this really happening ? Or this is just a publicity uproar ? I still cannot believe that she actually had an affair with that married man . It takes two to tango. That married man should not take advantage on her and she should know better to not messing around with a married man !
I think this is just a joke. But again who am I to judge ?
Only in Hollywood !


KS is taking a page right out of her Adventureland performance. Everyone makes mistakes and certainly no one has any right to sit in judgement of her, so all I will say is that I hope everyone involved recovers from the fall out of a very bad decision on KS and Rupert's part.


let it lie,,,let them sort out their own problems,,,take care of your own,,I love Robert and Kristen..


Dont be so naive, they did more than kiss. And even if they did only kiss its still not right. I would dump my fiance n 2 seconds if he made out with another woman. Seems like no one has any morals anymore.


Define "Sex".


Stewart looks like a quiet woman....but at contrary....she's cheating with a married man...
Shame on are NOT to be trusted....anymore...


While I agree it is none of my business in general, I have to say that I could NEVER go back to Stewart if I was Pattinson. Besides the obvious betrayal of it all, (It is now being speculated that it was more than just a kiss or even "momentary".) I would imagine he would be haunted by the photos that will surely never go away. From a male point of view, this is what I would be thinking.


We didn't have this much animosity for Brad when he cheated on Jen. Only men are right when they cheat? She's not even married to this guy........but he is....and he should be the one who is getting all the grief.

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