Casey Anthony's Car Smelled Like Dead Body, Lawyer Says

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Casey Anthony's former lawyer Jose Baez is certainly dropping some memorable quotes in his new book. Among them? That he felt her car smelled like a corpse.

In Presumed Guilty, Casey Anthony: The Inside Story Baez recalled looking in the car trunk, where prosecutors believed her daughter Caylee’s body was hidden.

“I could smell something rotten," he wrote. "I had been to a morgue before and my first impression was that this smelled like a dead body."

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"I smelled something else, a chemical-like substance. If you took a good strong whiff, it almost hurt your nostrils. 'Oh my God,' I thought."

"'I’m going to have to talk to Casey about taking a plea.'"

Casey insists she did not kill Caylee, and a jury found her not guilty one year ago today, despite various witness accounts of her Pontiac Sunfire.

George Anthony, Casey's father, testified that when he went to pick up the car from the impound lot, he smelled “something that you would never forget.”

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He said a prayer hoping he wouldn’t find Caylee’s body when he opened the trunk; he did not. Amazingly, her mother had about the same reaction.

Cindy Anthony told a 911 dispatcher in 2008 that, "I found my daughter's car today and it smells like there's been a dead body in the damn car!”

How did Baez work around this seemingly damning evidence? By proving that whatever his suspicions might be, it wasn't conclusive evidence at all.

Forensic expert Henry Lee said on the stand after examining the car, “You never know whether it’s decomposing garbage or a decomposing body.”

“I was extremely relieved,” Casey’s attorney wrote in the book about Lee's analysis, saying this was the answer he was looking for.

Whatever helps you sleep at night.


I meant to say: If there were more attorneys like Baez, there WOULDN'T be so many innocent people in jails AND on death row. Think about that.


Mina is right. He did what he had to do. If he wouldn't have defended her like he did, she could have appealed anyway. The prosecutors should have done their job. Everyone deserves a good lawyer. If there were more people like Baez, there would be so many innocent people in jails AND on death row. Think about that.


He's a junk street fightin lawyer and the prosecution did not get down and dirty with him and loss. This doesn't mean she is free of guilt it just means the lawyer won because of dirty fighting. His opening statement had the razor blades that slashed any hope of convicting Casey and that was "Before she'd go to school she had her Dad's penis in her mouth" Whether true or false he redirected the focus and it never again was really about the murder of a child - he put the prosecution on defense. Dirty and brilliant.


Baez did what he is required under our system of law to do: Defend his client. Don't hate him because he did his job as charged. The state prosecutors failed spectacularly at PROVING Casey guilty. Be just as angry at them.


I hope you burn in hell Baez. You'll always be hated for defending her