Carly Rae Jepsen Sex Tape: Actually in Existence?!?

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A Minka Kelly sex tape is reportedly in existence and may be shopped to the highest bidder in the coming days.

As you process that (sexy!) stunner, consider the following report: Carly Rae Jepsen may also have pulled a Kim Kardashian at some point in her past.

Carly Rae Jepsen at Teen Choice Awards

We have very little information on this alleged video, but Perez Hilton has posted photos from the supposed tape and... well... the mostly naked woman at the forefront does look an awful lot like Jepsen.

Click on the preceding link to see for yourself.

We'll confirm or shoot down this claim when more news breaks, but in the meantime, this much is certain: Carly Rae performed at the Teen Choice Awards last night!

UPDATE: Jepsen shot down the rumor this morning with the following Tweet: "Crazy morning. Discovered that someone put up a sex tape claiming to be me. Ridiculous. Obviously not me."

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it wasnt him then he got a girl pregnant i lost repcest for him then but he took a dna test wasnt the father then he threatins paprazi forced a fan off his arm at a concert and beat up an old guy and made rude comments about michle jackson as far as im concered hes just trying to redeem himself here


The sex tape is still up at http://carlyraejepsensextape.m...


That is not me! Ugh I hate liars! Y would I do a XXX sex tape thts dumb! And I'm not dumb!


This is such an OLD story, THG you should be ashamed. This was debunked WEEKS ago, and the actual chick in the video came out and debunked it herself... THG and Perez are fucking old news and a waste of time.. I am no longer following you guys for the latest gossip.


UPDATE: She claimed on twitter that is isn't her :)