Cajun Justice in Limbo as New Sheriff Fires Cast

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The cast of A&E's reality show Cajun Justice is dealing with a new sheriff in town ... one apparently bent on not having his team featured on a reality show.

The show follows Sheriff Vernon Bourgeois and his deputies as they fight crime in the swamps of Louisiana. Or at least it did until they got a new boss.

The Terrabone Sheriff's Dept. confirms that new sheriff Jerry Larpenter fired 24 people on DAY ONE ... including five of seven people featured on the show.

Cajun Justice

A sixth cast member quit to support his fellow comrades.

What's more, not only did the new Sheriff pink slip to most of the cast, but as of July 1, he banned A&E producers from following anyone in his department.

Probably wants to "focus on criminal justice" or some absurd notion.

It's unclear if A&E will nix the show completely or attempt find a new department to work with, but for better or worse, Larpenter's crew won't be on it.

Season 1 will finish as planned; beyond that, it's unclear.


Put cajun justice back on tv! It was one of the best shows to watch for us or the family. It's just a travesty not to have this off the air. Bring It Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ Keith kovalska

on air


I grew up in a small town outside of N.O but moved to Tn. after hurricane katrina and waching cajun justice reminded me so much of home and the swamp. I really enjoyed the officers on the show and hopefully they can find work soon! Good Luck to them.


Hey i really enjoyed the show, i had hoped for a second season, but now i'm reading that the filmcrew has been denied access to film in the Cajun area due to the new sheriff, that's too bad. I think you had a great show, something exciting and yet scary sometimes. So get it on the air again ! :)
- I'm from Denmark, so yeah, it's even enjoyed by people from far away ;-)


That is sad to hear. The show was enjoyable, and it sounds like this new sheriff might have been looking to hire friends and family. Banning A&E from filming, especially in a place that could use the income, is like shooting yourself in the foot....unless you have something to hide......


It can't be over that's the only thing that made my brother and I not fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The new sheriff is out of his mind. I,ll bet A&E pays that dept. That money can be used to make that a better place


Sorry to hear about the show. Hope all the deputies find other jobs with a better boss. Maybe this boss needs to loss his job.


How sad. This was a great show, my favorite. Hope all of the great deputies find new jobs elsewhere! Hope the new sheriff is impeached!


Looking at the comments on here makes me laugh! I live in south LA and I'm also a cop. This show is a joke and is absolutely no relation to law enforcement in South LA. The "new" sheriff was actually the sheriff before Vernon, and he supported getting Vernon elected to the position. Soon after the election Vernon fell and hit his head (sarcasim) or something that made him lose touch w/ reality. He will probably end up in a bad place for some of the things he pulled. I am just glad the new old sheriff is putting the people first and not his ego like Vernon.

@ blazer

You are a ass the show was a great show and it did show crime in the swamp. It's southern lifestyle. You live in south La where gangs are still there. It was one of the worse place to live and you must be a total rasic. You have the right to your opinion. Be thankful you have a job. But u sound like a ass as well as the knew sheriff!!!


"five of the seven cast were fired" "one cast member quit to support his comrades" That means that one of the cast members still works for the department after all of his/her cast mates were fired or quit in a stand of solidaridy.... I can't believe that one would go back to that department and hold his or head high when...what a douche......Just like the new sheriff...

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