Britney Marshall, 14, Pressured By Mom to Get Breast Implants

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Britney Marshall, a 14-year-old from Nottinghamshire, England, is the youngest of five girls in her family ... and the only one without breast implants.

Her mother, Chantal Marshall, wants to change that.

The elder Marshall told the Sun (UK), "Britney is going through a funny phase at the moment and saying she doesn’t want to get her boobs done."

Marshall really wishes she would, she openly admits.

Britney Marshall Pic

"At the moment she doesn’t really have what I would say are boobs. I’d like her to follow in her sisters’ footsteps... I really love the fake look of my girls."

"I know Britney will go that way when she’s a bit older."

Chantal and her four other daughters collectively own $50,000 worth of fake boobs, with sizes ranging from 32DD (Ripley, 21) to 34HH (Terri, 27).

But Britney Marshall is determined to stay au naturel... for now. It seems Britney's brothers provide an alternative perspective on the matter.

According to the Daily Mail, Chantal Marshall admitted, "Some of my sons think we’re crazy... They keep telling Britney she should be different."

Listen to your brothers, Britney. Please.

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Just appalling. What is wrong with this mother?! She has the chutzpah to take a "family picture?!! O M G!!!!!


The sisters are so ugly and should really cover up more cellulite than one can take ewww


Dear Britney Marshall, You are on the rght track when you say "No" to the "Fake boob job". You are very beautiful for being only fourteen year old and your own boobs are in proportion to your body. Please do not do what your sisters have done to themselves. You are pretty and beautiful, jut the way you are and GOD made you beautiful too. Please don't change what beauty you already have and look after your body the way it is. You will be Blessed in more ways than one. Trust me on this, for your body has not yet fully developed and you must wait until you are 21. Yes indeed! When you are Twenty One, you can decide what you want, but you won't spoil the beautiful body that GOD gave you. I am not a spring chicken anymore but have learned alot in this life and you Britney, have my full support on this and many other people who care about you. I send you an abundance of Blessings filled with warm wishes from Johannesburg, in South Africa.
Tino Laric.


She's definitely the prettiest, I think they are attempting to cause insecurity because of their own. She is beautiful and natural, and why put plastic rims on a Lamborghini?


Hopefully no Plastic surgeon would do this to someone so young, it is just flatout ridiculous!


Uh, NO! Pressured? Call child protective services.


I agree with every comments below. I do not think any cosmetic surgeon would perform this kind of surgery on a 14y old anyway.
The mother need some surgery in her brain serious surgery she is an absolute idiot with an ugly face. None of them look good, they look like retired 'madams' who have worked so hard that it shows on their faces. MB


Holy crap are you serious?? What the hell is wrong with this mother?? Another reason why not everyone should be parents~just saying...


This girl's mother is crazy! She is only FOURTEEN!! And plus, she will do what she wants, it is her chest!


Good for her!! She looks great the way she is and she's only 14. These girls behind her are NOT attractive.