Bristol Palin Defends Son, Bashes Liberal Interpretation of F Bomb

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Bristol Palin wants to make it clear: her son has a potty mouth, not a homophobic mouth.

Following a clip from her reality show that made the Internet rounds yesterday and certainly appeared as if three-year old Tripp Palin referred to his aunt with a gay slur, Bristol has taken to her blog and explained the situation.

"As I've said before, I sometimes struggle to raise Tripp. However, he does NOT use slurs.. Let me be clear. I'm not proud of what he did say. Sadly, he used a different 'f word.'"

Life's a Tripp showrunner Matt Lutz backs up this account, while Bristol - being a Palin - couldn't open her online mouth without taking a shot at Democrats.

"I do oppose gay marriage, as I've written about before... I guess the temptation to label my three year old son is just too great for the lefty papers to resist."

Either that, or possibly viewers considered Bristol's history with homophobia and drew a not-so-far-fetched conclusion.

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Why can't people stay on topic, gee whiz.
That women is not a good disciplinarian, anyone can see. SHE can see, but doesn't seem to care. I wouldn't want to be anywhere near that kid, he has definitely not been Raised Right, like we say in the South! All the threats the sisters (and why is her sister in charge?) drop but don't ever actually do are just teachin' him he can get away with anything! Yuck. And one would think that word would be out of ALL of the Palin family's mouths, since they know now that it is not a kind thing to say. I would just die if my girls did that.


The child heard it from someone. Bristol is not a good advocate against teenage pregnancy. She is an opportunist who has a great press agent who made her something out of nothing. Glad to see her show is gone as well as her mother's Alaska show.


Yeah, I think of Matty, Sad Troll. Never badly, but instead in wonderful ways. He's my hero. But as far as the scum trolls on here--like you? I despise 'em! Yuck! (Hurling on the pavement at the thought of 'em!)


The kid totally said faggot. You don't have to even try hard to hear it. A word ending in 'er' sounds much different. The ending of the word he used was not 'er. Bristol Palin is a creepy product of her environment and has learned from mom how to spin things away from personal responsibility. I feel sad for that little boy who still has sparks of happiness and openness about the world that will soon by eliminated by horrendous parenting - nothing to do with politics.


I used 2 like Bristol but not now. I watched the show last night & the way she treated her bf by kicking him out of the car in the middle of nowhere...She then was telling Tripp she'd find him a good daddy who will treat her good...Wow! U dont say stuff like that to kids! Also, she tries 2 treat Willow like shes her daughter...Saying she cant handle her growing up & shes not had any life experiences-Well, what has Bristol had except for screwing & getting pregnant. When she was in LA, she thought W should babysit all the time & acted like W owed her-Even calling her & giving her a guilt trip when W went back home then running to their dad tattling on W! She disgusts me! Willow has a horrible attitude, too! She has the nerve to tell a potential employer that she wont work Saturdays because she doesnt want to...U both have had a free ride long enough! Grow up!


I live in east Tennessee and my brothers, Roy & Raymond Odom, are both faggots. I dont like it at all but theres nothin i can do about it. I dont teach my kids to call them faggots tho & would definitly punish them if they said the word to them. Im fat and so is my girlfriend Angel but we can change that. We are just to lazy. Raymond even dresses up like a woman. How embarassing for my family. He picks up truck drivers on the internet & they stop by & do him. Roy thinks he has my parents fooled but he doesnt. Its a disgrace and i dont want them around me but i still dont call them faggots to their faces.


im sorry but u n ya mom raised ya son n brothers n sisters to call gay ppl faggots, lezbo's n so on but let me by first tell u that u should get ya own ass smacked right n the face cause u n ya sis just lol n i didnt c u stand up off ya unemployed ass n grab ya son n pop his wonder y everybody hates ya mom n u n basically ya whole fucking family.. id rather watch kate plus eight b4 i watch ya stupid ass show.. i dont wanna help ya bank account at all...


are you really that lonesome? before a cup of coffee he pops into your mind? how many times have you mistakenly called your mate....Matty? even though you know this has it's hooks n you tonight you will toss n turn thinking about the one you hate?no not Bristol Palin or Romney or Miley cyrus or some other caucasian. if nothing else / keep your hope alive and after that ... Vote republican, you'll have more respect for yourself- so will I.


why are you morons talking about Romney on here. can you not read the title and who are you talking to. are you high.


Whoooooo caresssssssssssd