Bristol Palin Defended By Derek Hough Over DWTS Comeback, Controversy

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She's been criticized for re-joining the cast of Dancing With the Stars, among many other things (Tripp's f-bomb) lately, but Derek Hough's got her back.

The three-time pro champion supports Bristol Palin - who said her return to the show is God's plan - for competing on DWTS even if it means bad press.

"Unfortunately with the Palin drama and crazy entertainment it's brought to the United States, I suppose it comes with the territory," Hough told E!

"But I think," he continued, "Good for her. Good for her to put herself out there because it's really easy to kind of hibernate and just to disappear."

A Bristol Palin Pic

"She's saying, 'I'm going to do my thing and if you don't like it, then fine!'"

Calling DWTS a "fun gig," Bristol also said, "You guys, the media, you will all talk about me whether I'm in my little Alaska life or doing this."

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who made news Friday for her non-subtle dining at Chick-fil-A, has vocally defended her daughter as well.

Thirteen former contestants will compete on the first edition of Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars. Their partners will be revealed August 13.

What do you think of Bristol Palin returning to DWTS?


Some of the people posting on this website are really a bunch of losers. Leave her alone or are you all Obama's minions. Hating her because of her mother.

Kellie m

I hope that Derek is her partner. I'd love to see her win. She did a great job last time. Team Bristol!!!


Why is she being judged so bad? She seems very sweet and like others have said,"She's raising her son alone" she needs the money, plus her dancing wasnt all that bad. Much better than Kate Gosslic


I like Bristol Palin and I liked her on Dancing with the Stars, she a go getter and she trys and learns. As for Fame, whats wrong with that. 100 % of singer, actors, actresses, sports people, they are in it for fame and money and to be noticed. She is a good girl and very cute and sweet.


"God's plan"??? God has absolutely NOTHING to do with it!


Everybody knows cows can't dance.


I say good for her. She's supporting her child rather than live on hand outs. As far as talent, she's exactly on par with Kirsty Alley and she's back too. Talk about fame whore.........


Just because you don't like her politics, doesn't mean she is a bad person. I personally have a lot of respect for her....much more han I do for all the ugly speaking people who hide behind a computer. Good for Derek....Good for Bristol. Shame on you.


she's a fame whore!!


She's just doing her thing takeing care ur little man K.U.T.G.W

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