Bristol Palin Defended By Derek Hough Over DWTS Comeback, Controversy

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She's been criticized for re-joining the cast of Dancing With the Stars, among many other things (Tripp's f-bomb) lately, but Derek Hough's got her back.

The three-time pro champion supports Bristol Palin - who said her return to the show is God's plan - for competing on DWTS even if it means bad press.

"Unfortunately with the Palin drama and crazy entertainment it's brought to the United States, I suppose it comes with the territory," Hough told E!

"But I think," he continued, "Good for her. Good for her to put herself out there because it's really easy to kind of hibernate and just to disappear."

A Bristol Palin Pic

"She's saying, 'I'm going to do my thing and if you don't like it, then fine!'"

Calling DWTS a "fun gig," Bristol also said, "You guys, the media, you will all talk about me whether I'm in my little Alaska life or doing this."

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who made news Friday for her non-subtle dining at Chick-fil-A, has vocally defended her daughter as well.

Thirteen former contestants will compete on the first edition of Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars. Their partners will be revealed August 13.

What do you think of Bristol Palin returning to DWTS?


Please, it was difficult the first time but she does NOT compare with the rest of dancers coming back. Yes, she received votes last time because of HER MOM!!!!! This is so unacceptable!!!!!!!!!


People calm down, Bristol is a competitor like all of the rest. She started out on the bottom, but kept working, by the last dance she was pretty good. Where is the civility among you DWTS public? She deserves to be there like all of the rest. She was a top vote getter. The show is based on technique but also based on the viewing public. I will be watching as I do like quite a few that have come back, and I will be watching Bristol. I hope she does well. Maybe instead of looking into Bristol and Kristie's motives you should take a look inside at yourself. You probably won't like what you see.


I wont watch DWTS if she is on...So very tired of that family exploiting the media. Why dont't they have real jobs like the rest of us. She is bright why does she not go to college and get a degree


I am another one who CAN'T STAND Palin. Quite a few people are not watching this fiasco this year. She'll run DWTS right into the ground.


Bristol Palin. Realllly. I would say she really SUCKED the first month or so. (She should have been booted off then). I would be the first to say she improved over the coming weeks. Wtf. She was NOT on Kirsty Alley level. The show could have pick some of the other previous celeb. Hope she is the FIRST to GO!!!!!!


Trollies! Trollies! I know EyesLikeLightening! Biggest conservative west of the Mississippi! Like hard core--think Barry Goldwater ..yeah, that bad. No way Eyes would ever vote for The Anointed One....nope, she sold solidly on Romney. She owns three t-shirts--different colors, of course, that say "Mitt-He Da Man, Baby!" You'd notice Eyes ANYWHERE with one of them tees on, trust me! But watch out...that Lightening Romney supporter always has brochures about Mitt and passin' 'em out right 'n left--uh-huh, Eye's is liable to dump a wad of 'em on ya! I sware when it come to her supporting the GOP Candidate? That EyesLikeLightening has been likened to the 'engergizer rabbit'! So, watch Out!


Obama 2012!


It is not just Bristol coming back, sounds like it is many former participants so why not, go for it, she did do well and was not voted off in a hurry. I too say good for her...she's not going for the spotlight a lot but she will probably always be in it somewhat. Leave her alone, give her a break. I am sure it is not easy being the somewhat famous single mom in the media fray.


If her god had a plan, people like her would not exist.


Bristol is nothing but a media whore. It runs in the family.

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