Bikini Onesie: Too Cute or Too Far?

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Inappropriate, many parents say. Disgusting, some claim. 

Adorable, others maintain. Cute and funny, too, they say.

Like anything related to parenting, there is no universal opinion about the bikini onesie, a piece of baby apparel that's become popular of late.

Onesies such as “What happens at Grandma’s stays at Grandma’s” and “No dating allowed” are a dime a dozen ... but a two-piece for a girl?

Bikini Onesie

It's far from rare to see the infant-sized cotton bodysuits labeled with clever sayings, jokes, references and other innuendos, but this one is causing a stir.

If you're looking for a baby shower gift, you can go really, really wrong with this sort of thing ... or you can be a huge hit! High risk, high reward stuff.

What do you think? Too far to imply that your eight-month-old is a sex object, or simply a fun change from typical boring babywear? Vote in our poll:

What's your take on the bikini onesie?


this is really true... ::::::::::::L A Z Y C A S H 23 . C () M::::::::::::


Only the very trashy sort of person would put this on their baby.
Does anyone remember when some baby bottles were shaped like Coke, Pepsi, etc. soda bottles? When you actually did see a baby with a bottle like that the parents were always the trashy, sleazy looking kind of person. That is the same kind of person that would buy this onesie.


The true issue here is that people immediately associate a woman in a swimsuit with sex. A woman, no matter how unclothed, is not a sex object. This is a funny joke. Get over yourselves. A FEMALE BODY IS NOT MERELY A SEXUAL OBJECT. It can be, but is not constantly.


That is wrong :/ @Alyssa, so well said!


Who cares? She's gonna have to grow up and wear one anyways if she wants to be socially accepted. Might as well start young, that's the kind of world it is today.


Amen @ Alyssa! She said it all! Kids are trying to be too sexy and grown up at a young age. Yes its cute haha but there is a deeper meaning, and its how screwed up things have gotten!


Well said Alyssa!


While it is kinda cute and funny, the deeper issue here is what resonates with me. Women are objectified tremendously in modern culture and it happens younger and younger as we progress. While this isn't objectifying a baby and I get it's just a joke, it's a step in the wrong direction. Things begin as cute jokes and such then become common and before you know it here we are with toddlers trying to dress up and "shake it" like full grown sexified women. Case in point Toddlers & Tiaras, however they are by no means the only ones promoting this for young girls.

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