Beyonce Expresses Love, Admiration for Michelle Obama [Video]

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The bond between Beyonce and Michelle Obama just grew a little stronger.

In May, the First Lady took her daughters to a Knowles concert, a night out that followed a Tumblr post by Beyonce that praised Obama as "ULTIMATE example of a strong African-American woman."

Obama, in turn, responded to the praise with a Tweet that read: "Thank you for the beautiful letter and for being a role model who kids everywhere can look up to.”

Now, Beyonce has made that letter even more public, posting a video reading of it that serves as a campaign ad for Michelle's husband, given the donation link at the end. Watch now:

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Admiration is a good feeling. I have admired several white women in my journey in life. Beyonce is expressing the same feelings.


Why is it that anyone who recognizes what an utter failure this administration is, is called a racist? You're clueless. Many of us voted for him the last time. I couldn't even begin to list the ways I've been disappointed. Voting for him simply bc he's black could be seen as racist also. Get a clue. Pick up a newspaper and make an INFORMED decision. Either way. Then quit the ignorant name calling.


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