Beyoncé Expresses Support for Frank Ocean, Pens Ode to Hip Hop Star

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Beyoncé is firmly on Team Frank Ocean.

A week after this R&B singer/songwriter publicly shared a homosexual experience from four years ago, Jay-Z's prettier half has penned a poem on her blog in honor of Ocean.

"Be fearless, be honest, be generous," the ode reads. "Be brave, be poetic, be open, be free, be yourself, be in love, be happy, be inspiration."

Ocean Ode

Ocean's latest album, "Channel Orange," debuted on iTunes last night in advance of its July 17 hard-copy release, while the artist made it clear over Twitter that he has no regrets over telling his story.

"I don't have any [secrets] I need kept anymore," he wrote. "To my first love, I'm grateful for you."

Multiple other stars, such as Russell Simmons, have also come out in support of Ocean, though some rapper named Lil Scrappy made headlines last week for all the wrong reasons, thanking Ocean for coming out because he believes homosexuality is the "doorway to AIDS."

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Gay is not ur fault
Gay is not right
Gay is sad...
Gay should not happen
but we all need to respect
Each other...and not judge
We who are straight be greatful
We don't suffer with that problem....
And keep all bad feelings away:-)


"If a man has sex with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is abhorrent. They must be put to death; they are responsible for their own deaths. (Leviticus 20:13 MSG)


Did fat smelly loud mouth arrogant delusional oprah give her make believe crown to who the hell is beyonce does any of this hollywood bullshit make any sense to sane people because i do not get it. I must be out of my mind .


Who IS this spear chucker? Do we care about his first pillow biting experience??? NOpe
Tell Beyonas to fake her monkey face outta here and piss up a rope


@ Lilly- There is also one idiot in every family and they are hidden as well.


Who cares what this publicity hound, manufactured 'star' thinks?


fear drives old people 2 hate people not like people want 2b happy like every1 else.


Older parents do not understand.They think a gay friend can make me gay.It is impossible.They have good hearts.They would not harm a fly.


My son's high school also offers education on the lifestyle.I find it important.I would hate my child to be a bully or commit a hate crime for a senseless matter.


She ir rad.Scientist estimate there is at least one gay person in every family,likely in the closet.My school offers gay program.I think it is cool.We are all human.

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