Barack and Michelle Obama: Kiss Cam Alert!

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Barack Obama took a break from campaigning for a couple hours last night in order to take in the Team USA basketball exhibition in Washington, D.C.

And he wasn't alone.

With LeBron James and company hanging on to defeat Brazil in a surprisingly tight contest, Obama snuggled up to First Lady Michelle in the front row, at one point taking attention away from the players in front of him by smooching his wife on the lips.

Not that the President had a choice. He was captured on the arena's Kiss Cam and all...

This wasn't the first time Michelle Obama has been enveloped in love this week. Watch Beyonce express her admiration for the mother of Sasha and Malia in a new video.

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@Daina- I can't beleive Obama bad mouthed small business. What makes him think a person can't make it without the Government. What I'm saying is there are some stupid BITCHES around but I'm not one of them. I thought Obama was going to lead, be an role model for his people but his people raid a Walmart in Jacksonville Florida. This is so sad. We need some inspiration. Vote Romney.


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correction- that's American companies overseas


@ Eyes- Emails just released shows Barracks willingness to invest in American Countries overseas. Between 200k & 450, were invested by Barrack & Michelle thru vanguard and vanguard owns, 8 million shares of Apple Stock. FYI- The liberal media tried hard but the news got out. 300 people FLASH MOBBED A WALMART IN JACKSONVILLE Saturday night. One person shot. The part I'm shocked by- all were black. I'm sure your shocked as well.


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