Barack and Michelle Obama: Kiss Cam Alert!

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Barack Obama took a break from campaigning for a couple hours last night in order to take in the Team USA basketball exhibition in Washington, D.C.

And he wasn't alone.

With LeBron James and company hanging on to defeat Brazil in a surprisingly tight contest, Obama snuggled up to First Lady Michelle in the front row, at one point taking attention away from the players in front of him by smooching his wife on the lips.

Not that the President had a choice. He was captured on the arena's Kiss Cam and all...

This wasn't the first time Michelle Obama has been enveloped in love this week. Watch Beyonce express her admiration for the mother of Sasha and Malia in a new video.

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When you're fraternizin' with Jerry Springer---you've hit the bottom of the barrel. What a goon! What's left? Rendezvous with PeeWee Herman, Ronald McDonald or Lindsay Lohan?????? Stranger things have happened.


@Matt You stinker! You caught me by surprise on that one! Kim Sue--he's just bein' an ornery fart! Kansas boys are like that! Always gotta keep your guard up with fellas from the heartland of America! Must be all that fresh country air they breath in...that or the anhydrous ammonia they spread on them fields. Think you yourself be going to Tampa, Matt?


@Eyes- you know KS! Always on the prowl-Miss Socialite. looking for her future EX Husband. Only woman I know that made $345 dollars on a flight from Toledo to Little Rock. Kim- she's friendly you know. Just kidding Kim.


If sending money overseas...not to mention jobs like Apple and General Electric has...paying "0" taxes---PLUS the Obamas invest in companies sending jobs overseas....what could possibly be wrong with Romney having investments over there? The answer: Not a FRICKIN' thing!!!!! Maybe some investigative reporters should go a a little witch hunt. Maybe we'd find many, many politicians are doing the same. Nancy Pelosi's hubby's business money goes to the Dominican Republic and his wifey even got stimulus money earmarked to the D.R. to benefit her hubby's business interests there!


@ Bitches--You were "once" a dumb bitch? Take a good look in the mirror, hun, YOU STILL ARE!!!!! Ha! Just for the record you idiot woman--Kim is Kim, Eyes is Eyes, and Matt is Matt. They are separate folks with same views---the Troll Nation on here has prompted those who disagree to unite and thus, sharing and supporting similar opinions! It's no more than what the hairy, slanty-eyed little creatures from under the bridge do!


@ Lloyd I agree! After election, if Obama's still in---I hope Switzerland and the Cayman Islands get busy building banks 'cause there will be a rush of American dollars going over to these places. Maybe better...they probably handle the management of their banks better and they won't have an American govt. dictating bank policies and regulations to them. No need for "bail-outs". There will be too much American money there to line their bank vaults with!


@Matt D---Well, should be a rousing keynote speech! Christie'll give e'm hell for sure! If any lame "Occupiers" show up there'll be hell to pay from the "Bulldog of Jersey"! KIM SUE is going to the convention??? Hmmmm..what does that mean?!? Just for fun or as a delegate? Explain.


@ Eyes- Govenor Christie will be Keynote speaker at the convention on Aug 28. Should be great, KIM SUE is leaving for Tampa on August 26. Naturally the election will be about jobs-unemployement numbers. Obama's Job Council has not me in the past 6 months. Although it is a big consolidation of people the word is- business leaders along with some of the commission have said they will not endorse him. Jerry Springer met with the Prez yesterday. Yes- Springer is a huge fan. Just when you think you've seen it all.


I wish Obama could do something about flash mobs.40 teens robbed, trashed, and broke into cash registers at an Albertsons in Troutville this week. All Black! Terrorizing customers. I hear that in the south you don't see any flash mobs. I wonder why?


while the public holds on to hope, Obama hopes he can hold on to you being fooled once again. why would he be watching basketball instead of communicating his plans to help the nation. does he have any plans for employment for taxpayers? never seen a president so cavalier about his nation. we need a real leader. I would never beleive a person when saying they will not vote. they will, with the hopes you will not.

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