Barack and Michelle Obama: Kiss Cam Alert!

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Barack Obama took a break from campaigning for a couple hours last night in order to take in the Team USA basketball exhibition in Washington, D.C.

And he wasn't alone.

With LeBron James and company hanging on to defeat Brazil in a surprisingly tight contest, Obama snuggled up to First Lady Michelle in the front row, at one point taking attention away from the players in front of him by smooching his wife on the lips.

Not that the President had a choice. He was captured on the arena's Kiss Cam and all...

This wasn't the first time Michelle Obama has been enveloped in love this week. Watch Beyonce express her admiration for the mother of Sasha and Malia in a new video.

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Leave them alone! Can't these two have a "date night" without inciting Internet warfare? Jeez....




Yeah- right! Ha!


I meant "good thing".


Dang! You've had a rough day here on the site! Need a couple of Tylenol? Good think you're tough! Nuthin' "light" about ya--not even your loafers (Truth be known you've been laughin' your booty off at these nut jobs!) Yeah.....if only they knew, huh?




@Matt You may be right, but I think E-TownGirl showed a bit of spunk. Need to when you're up against such nasty little turds. I think you should commend her really.


@e town troll: Actually? That was one of those times you were in your drug-induced state. You really must give up the 'magic mushrooms'! I'm surprised really that the TV studio allows you to go on the air in such a condition. Probably desperate to fill the spot despite the poor ratings. I mean after all, your idol Ellen Degeneres can't be on every TV channel. Have you ever thought about getting your own reality TV show? I'm sure there's a sick part of society who relish watching a series about nasty little trolls entitled, "Under the Troll Bridge with 67". Who knows? You could get lucky and take all the lesbos away from the Kardashian viewing audience. Yeah. They're probably tired of watching Kim's big ass waddle about. It's reserved for young black bucks instead of the likes of YOU anyway!


Ignoring is best policy- Eyes.


@Jerry---Yeah. And somebody who watches folks beat each other up is a person that the Leader of the Free World should waste his time on rather than fixing the economy or creating jobs. 'Course if you're inadequate at your job--guess you might as well waste your time cause it's gonna RUN OUT come Nov. 6th anyway. Still just think what could be done for the American people during this period if we didn't have an AMATEUR in the WHITE HOUSE!!!! However, maybe Obama was interviewing Jerry for the position of Secretary of State---next term because I bet Hillary's leavin'--and with the state of foreign affairs today--a person who's used to watchin' other folks go at it with little or no resolve could be the material for the position when you consider the inept Obama Admin foreign policies!