Aurora Shooting Victim Files Lawsuit Against Movie Theater, Warner Bros.

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Torrence Brown, Jr., one of the many Dark Knight Rises viewers who was inside the Aurora, Colorado movie theater when James Holmes opened fire last Friday morning, has filed a lawsuit in conjunction with the massacre.

James Holmes Mug Shot

Brown was not physically injured, but he lost close friend A.J. Boik in the shooting and says he's suffering from major trauma. As a result, he's filed a suit against three defendants:

  1. The movie theater, which attorney Donald Karpel says was negligent in not possessing a more secure emergency door, which made it easy for Holmes to prop it open and enter it with his arsenal of guns.
  2. Holmes' doctors. The lawyer also tells TMZ that Holmes is believed to have been on medication - he was acting VERY strangely yesterday in court - and his doctors failed in monitoring their patient properly.
  3. Warner Bros., the studio behind The Dark Knighr Rises, because the movie is especially violent, Holmes was basing his actions largely around it and movie goes weren't even sure if he was part of the attraction or not when he first made his fatal move.

"Somebody has to be responsible for the rampant violence that is shown today," Karpel says.

Do you agree?


I waiting to see if the jurors will believe he was insane and make his life easy.


I really can't see placing blame on anyone in this situation but the shooter himself. It is not as if he purchased a ticket in full body armor, holding an AR15 and walked right into the movie theater. I'm sure everyone involved suffered trauma, and my heart breaks for them all, but I really can't see how suing the theater, doctor, or WB will help anything.


Yes someone does have to be responsible. How about the shooter! All the other entities that are being sued did not have control over what he did. This is so dumb!


"says he's suffering from major trauma" A real trauma if all you can think about is money after this tragedy.


This is pathetic. Way to try to get rich quick in the face of this tragedy. Want to sue? Sue the actual shooter. Again this man is pathetic and horribly disrespectful to those who were actually injured or lost their lives..I hope the judge laughs in his face

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