Aurora Shooting Victim Files Lawsuit Against Movie Theater, Warner Bros.

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Torrence Brown, Jr., one of the many Dark Knight Rises viewers who was inside the Aurora, Colorado movie theater when James Holmes opened fire last Friday morning, has filed a lawsuit in conjunction with the massacre.

James Holmes Mug Shot

Brown was not physically injured, but he lost close friend A.J. Boik in the shooting and says he's suffering from major trauma. As a result, he's filed a suit against three defendants:

  1. The movie theater, which attorney Donald Karpel says was negligent in not possessing a more secure emergency door, which made it easy for Holmes to prop it open and enter it with his arsenal of guns.
  2. Holmes' doctors. The lawyer also tells TMZ that Holmes is believed to have been on medication - he was acting VERY strangely yesterday in court - and his doctors failed in monitoring their patient properly.
  3. Warner Bros., the studio behind The Dark Knighr Rises, because the movie is especially violent, Holmes was basing his actions largely around it and movie goes weren't even sure if he was part of the attraction or not when he first made his fatal move.

"Somebody has to be responsible for the rampant violence that is shown today," Karpel says.

Do you agree?

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Think the LAWYER & his CLIENT deserve each other.
Just too bad they're allowed to breathe our air!!


Casey Anthony


Has anyone else noticed - this murdering scum has the same blank, cold, evil eye expression like that whore Carey Anthony?


Everyone is devastated and hurt but if you want someone to pay put the blame in the right place. Which is James Holmes.


Wow.. This amazes me. The only person responsible is the guy who did it. Think about the people who are injured or lost their life and this ungreatful person sueing when nothing is wrong other than losing a friend which im sorry for that but spend this time remembering the lost friend not getting paid! America should be as one right now not making innocent people pay a money sum. The scum who did this will pay and burn in hell for eternity which is Holmes


oh some of you americans...wanting to cash in on such a tragedy is greedy und disrespectful. there is no one to blame but that psychopath


The "someone" who should be held responsible is the man on trial for committing the crime. If this guy cared so much for his friend his goal wouldn't be to gain money for his "trauma" but to have services paid for his friend and everyone else who lost their lives, as well as medical bills for people who were actually injured. Sad to see innocent lives taken with this moron left standing.


@Karen you are a moron. This contry is going to fall apart because of people thinking like you. Everything should be free right, WRONG! People need to get off their butts and get a job and start paying taxes. Everyone just wants a hand out and not enough people are willing to work. I can't wait to have to go to the hospital when Obama care is in place, hope you have all day to wait. This guy is a typical American looking for a free pay day and not deserving it.


I agree that someone should be responsible, but why sue Warner Bros. It is not the first time they have made a violent movie. I disagree on sueing them! Sounds to me that someone is just trying to make some money...he wasn't even affected by the shooting, he wasn't there...if anyone should be sueing it should be the ones that survived or lost a loved one in the tragedy!


I think it is so stupid for him to see Warner Bros because he is trying to say the movie is too violent, you knew exactly what you were going to watch and had no issue with it until it can benefit you. I agree with some of the comments, money should be going towards medical bills and maybe even funeral cost of all the victims. This man might have been there but you were one of the lucky ones that gets to walk away from this, others were not so lucky, some are still fighting to live. This lawsuit is first of all way to soon, can you wait until the investigation is complete and people are out of the hospital. I just find it bad that people are trying to blame the theater, this could have happened anywhere, no one is too blame but this deranged man.