Aurora Shooting Victim Files Lawsuit Against Movie Theater, Warner Bros.

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Torrence Brown, Jr., one of the many Dark Knight Rises viewers who was inside the Aurora, Colorado movie theater when James Holmes opened fire last Friday morning, has filed a lawsuit in conjunction with the massacre.

James Holmes Mug Shot

Brown was not physically injured, but he lost close friend A.J. Boik in the shooting and says he's suffering from major trauma. As a result, he's filed a suit against three defendants:

  1. The movie theater, which attorney Donald Karpel says was negligent in not possessing a more secure emergency door, which made it easy for Holmes to prop it open and enter it with his arsenal of guns.
  2. Holmes' doctors. The lawyer also tells TMZ that Holmes is believed to have been on medication - he was acting VERY strangely yesterday in court - and his doctors failed in monitoring their patient properly.
  3. Warner Bros., the studio behind The Dark Knighr Rises, because the movie is especially violent, Holmes was basing his actions largely around it and movie goes weren't even sure if he was part of the attraction or not when he first made his fatal move.

"Somebody has to be responsible for the rampant violence that is shown today," Karpel says.

Do you agree?

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fire exit doors are required to have alarms that go off when open,
If door alarm was working properly the movie theater security should have investagated it and if they did the door would have been shut leaving the shooter locked out. If the alarm did not function the blame goes to the fire marshel for these doors are to be inspeted regulary to ensure proper function as well as no obstructions.


All emergency exits in public places should have alarms, so people would be alerted if someone was using it for something other then its intended purpose. If this were the case it could have saved lives.


While I feel awful for everything this person has been through in no way is the movie company or theater to blame for this. If the exit doors in the theater were set up any other way people may not be able to exit during an emergency. Every single door practically in the world is set up like this why would a movie theater emergency exit be any different. No offense but the first 20 minutes of this movie is not any more violent then what the trailer showed so you can't tell me the violence in the movie surprised him. When you pay 10.50 for a movie you are signing up to watch exactly what you wanted to see ESP if you have seen part one and two of it already!


Wat happened is very tragic...noone wants to loose a family member our close friends to something like that...the only one to blame its the blame the theater, Warner brothers, or his doctors its just a desperate attempt at getting money...obviously the movie wasnt to violent he had a ticket to see it n if this would have never happened it would have been all those talking about his color of skin get a life who care wat race he is you racist pigs...the only people anyone should be focusing on is the families n surviving victims...i'm ashamed to see people putting racist comments on here get a life I pray karma is kind to when it comes back thought n prayers go our to all affected by this tragedy even the guy trying Sue...I believe it is wrong n he is not thinking about how it will affect his friends family in negative ways bt noone knows that feeling till it happens to you nuff said.


He's just milking it to get money. Honestly. You can't blame the movies for a dumbasses actions. Some people are unbelievable.


This T. brown scumbag wasn't even a victim. He's a bystander. They need to put down this publiccity seeking attorney. Two losers!!!


what if the shooter did buy a ticket and as they say proped open the door to go and get his weapons and then came back inside. And the only one to blame is holmes not anyone else people watch a lot of viloent movies but yet has one yet sent anyone on a killing spree no!


Mr. Torrence Brown, Jr is the most pathetic individual I think I have ever seen. Trying to profit from a horrific tradegy. First of all, the only one to blame is JAMES HOLMES. This may a shocker to most of you, but it is true. On his claims, Emergency Doors are intended to be easily opened in case of a fire. The kid was a Phd student with one parking ticket-He didn't throw up a lot of red flags in the pyschatric community. Lastly, The Dark Knight is a fictional movie, Mr. Brown obivously bought a ticket for entertainment purposes, and I've seen the movie, I think of a hundred movies more violent. I understand he has been through so much, however, stop trying to profit from this situation and be at courthouse when the court gives James Holmes the death penalty.


@karen you are Obama stupid@ my name is matt- You realize if someone tracked that lying bogus comment- it would come right back to you you racist fool.


First off, I have no idea if that guy is black or white...i've heard that the assailantt came in the front door, so I don't, has anyone thought that IF he did come in the back door that he had an accomplice that opened that door for him? Another thing, EMERGENCY EXITS are made to open easily for rapid emptying of a building, otherwise, the theater would be negligent for not having a readily accessible exit to the outside, so it would be a catch 22 wouldn't it?