Aurora Shooting Victim Files Lawsuit Against Movie Theater, Warner Bros.

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Torrence Brown, Jr., one of the many Dark Knight Rises viewers who was inside the Aurora, Colorado movie theater when James Holmes opened fire last Friday morning, has filed a lawsuit in conjunction with the massacre.

James Holmes Mug Shot

Brown was not physically injured, but he lost close friend A.J. Boik in the shooting and says he's suffering from major trauma. As a result, he's filed a suit against three defendants:

  1. The movie theater, which attorney Donald Karpel says was negligent in not possessing a more secure emergency door, which made it easy for Holmes to prop it open and enter it with his arsenal of guns.
  2. Holmes' doctors. The lawyer also tells TMZ that Holmes is believed to have been on medication - he was acting VERY strangely yesterday in court - and his doctors failed in monitoring their patient properly.
  3. Warner Bros., the studio behind The Dark Knighr Rises, because the movie is especially violent, Holmes was basing his actions largely around it and movie goes weren't even sure if he was part of the attraction or not when he first made his fatal move.

"Somebody has to be responsible for the rampant violence that is shown today," Karpel says.

Do you agree?

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Someone has to be responsible for the violence depicted on the screen (and held accountable)??????? We, as a society, allow it, and this guy went to watch it, and wants to complain about it? LOL.... I wonder if this fellow is also on welfare???


Torrence... sounds like a nigga to me. it figures


I go to movies probably 3 times a month, I have used the 'exit' to outside doors, as well as the 'exit' to theater lobby/hall. I would not feel comfortable in a theater without the option the exit leading outside. There are no alarms, not a sign saying an alarm will sound on either door, nor has an alarm ever been expected, There is not a reasonable expectation of being shot at a theater in a 'good' area of town. The areas of town that have a 'questionable' expectation of being shot have high police presence, but I choose to take that risk. Living in America, we all have a perception of 'safety', which is not a true reality. If I was on a jury, I would not find the theater, management, doctor, dc, warner brothers, the director, actors, or batman financially responsible for any damages incurred by a man that premeditated the killing of as many people as possible.


You should be ashamed...what a total jerk


Makes me think that this guy should have got shot and died because doing this is just as bad as shooting the people. I have a good rebudle for al three lawsuits. 1. More secure doors make it harder to get out invade of a fire and they get sued. 2. Why do doctors have to monitor someone at all times there isn't that many doctors to do that. 3. The mist important is that Batman Dark Knight is a product of DC, Warner Bros only have movie rights.


If any money is to be made from these lawsuits..or any fir that matter..It should go straight towards the victims families who now have thousands of dollars in medical bills from the horrible injuries they had to endure from such a heinous act!


And the money grabs begin.


Come on really? I understand that the one's affected from this are hurting and need healing but the reality of this is that the only person to blame is the gunman himself. Nobody else.


Just to make the record straight, those are not armed fire alarm doors at the theater. They are exit doors that anyone can use. After the movie is over anyone can go out those doors to get to the parking lot or where ever. Lets be serious people. The only one to blame is the asshole who committed the crime. This guy and his lawyer are scumb!!!!


The third part of his lawsuit is stupid. He knew it was a violent movie, he chose to watch it, so why would he feel the need to sue over that? The reason Warner Bros. makes violent movies is because there is a HUGE audience for it. Part 3 might as well be a lawsuit against our whole culture. Part 1 is understandable. The door should have locked automatically and I think the movie theater should be held accountable for that. But part 3 is a stretch.